Friday, August 29, 2014

A fun day playing on the splash table

It's a warm sunny Friday and we happen to have the day off work! T just got Ian a new splash table after seeing another friend with one and we're inviting the neighbors over to play.

But let's jump back to a little bit earlier in the day. Ian woke up at his usual 6:30am so even though we're off work, there's no sleeping in today. I got up to feed him and was hoping he'd be ready to go back to sleep by 7:30, but no such luck. I told T she could go back to sleep and Ian and I just hung out all morning. He is being a loud little babbler these days so to keep from waking up mommy, we went outside. He does pretty good in his walker indoors so I was curious how he'd do in the driveway.

Well he did great and I learned a lesson. Footy pajamas can't stand up to walking on the sidewalk very long.

T got up and we were ready to start our day. Ian is trying on one of his new hats. Could this be part of his Dapper Day outfit?

Nope! Here's what he'll be wearing. Like the hat?

He doesn't!

Very dapper.

Noon rolled around and I got the pop-up tent and splash table set up in the front yard. What toys are up here?

Lots and lots of splashing.

He's standing so well now.

He found a little person.

She must be bitten!

Not long after, Grace and Gene came over with Elliott.

Splashing a lot and getting soaked.

Apparently these little people are a magnet to baby's mouths.

Being such a nice day, I made us all smoothies. Mmm!

After splashing for so long and soaking his outfit, Ian started to get cold and started shivering. Off with the swim outfit!

Daddy, why so many pictures?

Okay, one more smile.

Sizing each other up.

Fun times were had by everyone!

And the toes are getting wrinkly, that means it's time to go in.

On a side note, Grace finished her painting from the last painting day. I think it turned out great!

All this before 2pm. What else can we do today? Stay tuned!

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