Sunday, August 24, 2014

An August Disneyland visit with Ruston and Jacob

Happy Saturday! It's been a few weeks since our last Disneyland trip and at least a month for Ian. We can't take too much time between visits. The three of us piled into the car and left for the park. I really need to get Ian to learn to smile for the camera.

It's 11am, how about a nice relaxing stroll down Main Street.

Ah, that's where all the noise is coming from. Shouldn't they normally do this kind of work after hours?

We met Jacob and then Ruston at Winnie the Pooh. Ian was ready for his first nap by that point so Theresa put on the Ergo and he promptly fell asleep.

Once we boarded we realized that this probably wasn't the best idea with a sleeping baby. On our very first ride with him on this we were surprised at how noisy and loud this ride was. Ian slept right through it this time though. Glad to know he can do that if he needs to.

It's lunchtime. Our first thought was the Blue Bayou. First available reservations? Over 3 hours away at 2:50pm. Cafe Orleans can seat us in 15-30 minutes, but after a quick glance of their menu, there's nothing that looks better than our favorite place to eat in the park.

Long-time readers might know that that favorite place is Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. There we get all the chicken, ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, and corn bread we can eat, plus a drink all for $24 each. I'm still shocked it's so cheap.
Once we arrived they were just seating the first of the groups with reservations. We waited no longer than 10 minutes before it was time to be seated. While we waited, Theresa and Ian blew raspberries at each other.

Ian has a couple of the presents that Ruston and Jacob came back with from Walt Disney World. One is his plush Figment toy that he just loves to bite on the nose. The second is his shirt that also has Figment on it with the caption "Future Cast Member".

Here's something we wouldn't have been able to do at the Blue Bayou. Sit on the table.

He's ready to dig into a drumstick.
Here's a good look at my Genie hat. I've had it for years but figured this is a good time to pull it out. I was getting a lot of comments on it from other guests and cast members alike. So sad.

I'm not sure he can cram any more of that lens cap in there. Good thing it's completely sanitary and never falls on the ground or gets dirty at all.

Bring out the food!

Ready to dig in. Love that you can get refills on whatever you want. After we got through the first bucket of meat, we asked for more drumsticks and ribs. The only thing better than lunch here is dinner where you also get sausages and corncob wheels. Mmm.

Time to go on some rides!

Ruston and I had talked about going on Alice in Wonderland now that it has been updated, but once we got there saw that it was a 40 minute wait. Yikes! Ian's not so sure about waiting that long.

Instead we walked just a little further to it's a small world and only had a 5 minute wait.

I am a fierce and tough explorer. I will lead this boat through surf and storm and howling gale. Nothing will stop us on our journey because I am brave and courageous.

At least until it gets dark.

And noisy. At that point, I'll just sit back here with mommy.

After a fun ride on it's a small world, Theresa took off for the baby center and left the four boys to do whatever they wanted. I know one thing I want to do. I need a new ride partner for some of the things T won't go on. Ian, Jacob and I headed to the Mad Tea Party to take a spin. Ruston declined.
Jacob remembered that the purple teacup is supposedly the fastest so that's the one we got on.

This is how you spin it Ian.

Oh, I see. Let me do it!

Ruston watching us.

Us watching Ruston.

Someone was tired shortly after that and fell asleep in his stroller. Looking for something quiet to do, Ruston, Jacob and I wandered around Tomorrowland (discovered strollers aren't allowed inside Innoventions) and eventually went to the Coca-Cola Refreshment corner.

I had heard Goofy's Glaciers were here now and both Ruston and I felt like something cold. It was $3.99 for a 16oz cup and you're allowed to mix and match flavors. Over here they have 4 different flavors, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemonade, and Passion Mango. A cherry lemonade sounds good to me and after hearing it, Ruston thought so too. I was told there are different names for the mixes. A blue/red is a Captain America. Our server couldn't remember what a red/light yellow was called. Any thoughts?

It was very sweet and very cold. Ruston and I both got brain freezes quickly. I was told there are only four flavors now but there is the possibility of up to 26 different flavors in the future.

Theresa joined us shortly afterwards and also felt like one of Goofy's Glaciers. Without knowing what Ruston or I got she heard the choices and also got a cherry lemonade. After a few more minutes of watching the Mad Hatter and Alice play musical chairs with the kids, we headed over to California Adventure.

Getting a group photo by the Storytellers statue.

The first ride was the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. I remember when it first opened the queue would wind all the way around the back of the building. Now it's a walk-on ride which suits us just fine. Ian wearing his sunglasses for about 2 seconds before taking them off.

He's doing much better with rides now compared to his very first time here.

After The Little Mermaid, Mickey's Fun Wheel was next. The line for the swinging cars stretched nearly all the way back to the entrance. The non-swinging side however had almost no line, and that's what almost everyone in the group prefers anyway.

Ian checking out Ruston's lanyard which has a little bit of something from almost all our Disney trips. The lanyard is from Tokyo Disneyland, there's a sticker or two from Disneyland, as well as a sticker from the Canada pavilion at Epcot. That plus a pin from our Keys to the Kingdom tour and the only thing missing is something from our trip to Disneyland Paris.

Up and away we go!

Someone has no fear of heights.

Afterwards we caught just a little bit of the Instant Concert Just Add Water while Ian finished off a bottle. We have time for one more ride before it's time to go.

There's a kid here! A human kid! The ride loader saw him and gave him a Mickey Mouse sticker, which he promptly put in his mouth.

The Child Detection Agency is on high alert. Luckily we weren't stopped, even though we are transporting a toxic child. Ian didn't provide any power for the people of Monstropolis (no screaming) and at the end Roz complimented us on our cute little monster.

Before we left the parks, the four of us all treated ourselves to something cold from Starbucks. Ian was blowing raspberries once again instead of drinking his milk.

I offered him some of my caramel frappe, but he was happy enough to just chew on a straw.

So yes, it's time to leave the parks, but no we're not quite finished.
Just down the street from Disneyland is the Disney property control center and cast member discount store called Company D. A cast member has to accompany you (thank you Ruston) so we try to check it out every once in a while when we all visit the parks together.

Here you'll find a wide assortment of Disney merchandise with discounts of at least 50% off retail price.


The front end looks more like a retail store.

While the back looks more industrial.

I was told that I didn't need a stormtrooper helmet or a shirt with battle damage.

And also told that the Buzz Lightyear shirt just didn't look good on me. Oh well. 

One surprise find inside the property control section was a humongous Jack Skellington head that looked really familiar. Sure enough there is a sign below it that says, "Original Jack Skellington head used for the Haunted Mansion Holiday from 2001 - 2012 in the Octagon Stretching Room ceiling." We asked but were told that it was not for sale.

Jacob showing off his new sign he'll be putting out for Halloween.

Well it was a really long day out and might actually be Ian's longest day trip away from home. Probably 9am to 6:30pm and he was well behaved the whole time! Now that we know he can do that, we can plan some longer days out in the future!


  1. Wow! So that's where the giant Jack Skellington head went. Very cool! I loved this post. So many wonderful pictures! Can I share this with my friends on Facebook? Have a wonderful day!

    1. Of course you can share it. Glad you liked it.