Thursday, August 14, 2014

Krystal hamburgers

You know you're in the south when you start seeing Krystal hamburger stands. Any time I visit Michigan I go crazy for White Castle hamburgers, but for me it all started with Krystal. You could say that I have Krystals in my blood.

See the lady second from the right?

Yep, her. That's Audrey Sarver, my Mamaw.

She started work at Krystal in 1946 and worked there for 35 years! Along the way, she won operator of the month 4 times and was even sent to other stores to train people.

My mother when she was 15 posing in front of a Krystal.

Being there for so long, she's even had a few articles written about her.

Hmm, June 24th, 1981. I wonder which grandchild she's talking about spoiling... I think she means me (and Sharon too)!

A commemorative Krystal spatula she was given for all her years of service. And even after all those years, she still loves to eat a couple Krystal hamburgers for lunch every week.

So there you go. That's why whenever I see a Krystal I have to stop.

Similar to White Castle, the outside is painted white to represent cleanliness.

The restaurant was founded on the thinking that "People would patronize a restaurant that was kept spotlessly clean, where they could get a good meal with courteous service at the lowest possible price."

Each Krystal burger comes packaged in it's own box.

The burgers themselves are steamed on a bed of onions then served on a bun with pickles and mustard. The fries were new to me this time. Waffle fries with a special seasoning. Delicious.

The burgers were delicious like usual and I really do wish we had a Krystal or White Castle back home in California.

There's one last thing you have to do! After you're done eating your hamburgers, it's always a challenge to see how many times you can combine the empty boxes.

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  1. Joe, I really enjoyed reading this particular post about Mamaw. It was fun to get some additional background on extended family.
    ~chris thomas