Sunday, November 9, 2014

Company D and Downtown Disney with the family

As a special treat, on Sunday we were able to take the family to Company D, a special overstock store usually reserved for only Cast Members. Twice a year employees can get passes for friends and family to visit and Ruston was nice enough to let us use his!

Inside you'll find great deals on all sorts of Disney merchandise. Items are at least 50% off!
Grammy and Aubrey, I'm not a girl. Get that hat off me.

There's lots of stuff here. Nightmare Before Christmas fans have a whole section.

Just a few of the fun Star Wars shirts available.

There's also a section where only Cast Members can shop. I really liked these plaques and statues cast members get for their years of service. I was rushing this time and didn't get great pictures, but you get the idea. The 10 year has Mickey Mouse on a wooden plaque. If you spend 45 years with the company you get Walt sitting on a stool with Mickey Mouse on his lap.

The 15 year is Sleeping Beauty Castle, 20 year is Simba on Pride Rock, and 25 year is Tinker Bell.

30 years is Jiminy Cricket, 35 years is Pinocchio, and 40 years is Donald Duck.

If I wore aprons this just might be the one I chose.

While the front of the store looks more like a department store, the back resembles a warehouse.

Need a Duffy?

Too bad Duffy didn't catch on here in the states. He's pretty cute.

Ian thinks so too.

He's really into stuffed animals right now. When he sees one, he reaches out and gives it a great big hug.

Back in the warehouse, they have the giant Jack Skellington head that used to decorate the Haunted Mansion. A cast member saw me taking a picture of it and said "$5".
Ha, if only. That would look good in my yard at Christmastime.

After Company D, we all went to Downtown Disney. At the Rainforest cafe, we met Oliver the parrot.

She, yes she, showed us her tricks and some of the words she knew. Pretty smart!

The twins were thrilled when they saw where we were going next. They're HUGE fans of Lego and they went nuts over being inside this giant Lego store.

Pointing at all the sets they want.

Very tough decision, huh.

Since we're in Downtown Disney, Aubrey said we just have to get beignets. Smart girl.

Both Aubrey and Rita showing the only safe way to eat a beignet.

Eli and Josh enjoyed theirs, as well as their Icee.

T went a little further to Wetzels and grabbed pretzel bites. Ian thought they were tasty.

Getting big hugs from Josh.

After the snack, we walked around the rest of Downtown Disney. Ian spent the time on Pop Pop's shoulders. Checking out the fountain.

He's gotten really in to pointing lately. Birds, airplanes, squirrels. Now he's pointing at the water.

Having fun with Pop Pop back home. Dad said I loved this when I was little. Looks like Ian loves it too.

And we found that Pop Pop can be a swing. He was having fun just swinging normally, but when his stuffed tiger started getting into the action he started laughing and giggling so hard.

The next morning, it was time for everyone to start leaving. Getting in a few hugs before everyone takes off.

Thanks for coming to see me and celebrate my birthday!

Not long after, Rita, Aubrey and Ethan left for the airport as well. We had a fun birthday celebration with everyone here!

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