Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ian's first birthday party!

Happy Birthday Ian! On Saturday, we celebrated Ian's 1st birthday!

Invitations went out a few weeks in advance. Can you tell we're going for a Mickey Mouse Disney theme?

Everyone received a personalized invitation. The metallic ink on the back looks a lot like stitching.

The invitation folded open and the details were inside.

Theresa wasn't sure what she wanted the cupcakes to look like, so on Friday she made a few test batches. There's different combinations of sprinkles and food coloring to try to get the look she's wanting. I made the two on the bottom with food coloring mixed into the batter. One I layered the colors yellow, black and red. The other I did a calico pattern. I thought they both looked awesome, but Theresa thought it was too much.

On party day, there was a lot going on. Pop Pop helping blow up balloons.

And me too.

Come back here with those!

Even the plates, napkins and utensils got the color treatment. 

And we found some great party hats.

Time to decorate the outside.

Theresa found a great banner from a seller on etsy. I think it turned out great!

At 1pm, Ian came outside and went right to his presents.

Can I open this now?

Time to distract him with something else. How about the splash table?

Except for him being soaked, it was a great idea. Good thing we've got an absolutely beautiful southern California day. Yes it's early November but it's 80 degrees and sunny blue skies.

Happy to be at the party. We've got quite the age range of kids here. From 8 years old.

To Hannah who is only 2.5 months old.

Theresa wanted to do a punch-out game for all the kids. She came up with the idea, I executed it, picking out the pictures, laying it out in photoshop, printing it, and assembling it.

Looks like Ian knows what to do. Each of the balloons had a thin paper to punch through and then you get a prize.

The kids did a pretty good job waiting their turn.

Oliver won a blue ball.

Hi Elliott!

Jackson playing with the football he won.

Why's he doing that with his tongue?

Ah, it's cake time! Nice job on the cupcakes Theresa and Aubrey.

Happy Birthday to Ian!

What do I do with this?

My hands are all messy now.

Ah. It's tasty!

Why pick off little pieces when I can eat the whole thing?!?

So messy.

Really wanting to dig in to those cupcakes.

Time for cleaning up.

Let's change out of those wet clothes and open some presents!

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