Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ian's first birthday party - opening presents!

It's Ian's birthday! He's probably pointing at an airplane or something, but I like how it looks like he's pointing at his banner.

As Josh said, Ian is rich in presents.
Our neighbors Todd and Joni got him a Fisher Price house and people to play with.

A fun mega bloks wagon from the Sheppards.

Blocks from Jon and Jess.

A growth chart and a baby magazine subscription from Jill and Luke.

Jonathan's parents Sarah and Terry got him a monkey bank for that college fund.

Jacob got him a Batman Duplo set and a contribution to that college fund.

JB and Lacey gave him a giant set of Mega Bloks and a fun play tunnel.

I remember a less fancy version of this when I was little. Eugene and Grace got a See 'n Say.

I was told I was on the wrong side for this present. When he saw this stuffed tiger from Adam, his face lit up and he grabbed for it and gave it a huge hug.

This present was a really big hit. Don't be surprised if you see him in a red shirt with thin black stripes, reminiscent of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

Only one thing could distract him from that tiger, and that would be his next present. His Uncle Donald, Aunt Amy and family had an old iPod they weren't using anymore and gave it to Ian.

The twins were a little jealous.

Sadly he didn't pay much attention to the next couple presents, but he'll definitely appreciate them later. Chris and Tom drove the twins down from Northern California earlier today, and Chris made Ian his very first pillowcase! And it's classic Star Wars! Awesome!

Oh boy. Already the feud begins. The very next present was from his Uncle Patrick and Aunt Megan. A Star Trek: The Next Generation onesie. We'll just have to see which wins out, Star Wars or Star Trek.

Steph and Farman wanted to make sure the Muppets were represented here too and got him a Cookie Monster stuffed animal and some books to read at bedtime.

Ahoy matey. His next present from his Aunt Rita, Uncle Ty, and family was a pirate ship that he could sit and push himself around on. Fun!

His Gram and Pop Pop gave him some Disney Little People to play with.

Plus this amazing quilt that my mother made. The front has over 300 Mickey heads on it.

For a normal quilt, you'd get your 2 pieces of fabric, put some batting between the two of them, and then stitch the two together. My mom decided to make this one extra special though and instead of a quick run through the sewing machine with a standard pattern, took on the task of outlining over 300 Mickey heads.

This caused a pattern to show up on the other side too.

In the corner is a quote from Winnie the Pooh.
You are braver then you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. 
                                                                                                      - Winnie the Pooh

From Grammy and Grandpa, he got a fun play slide!

His last present from T and I was a Radio Flyer wagon.

Looking over all his presents.

Fun with Gram and Grandpa.

Loves that tiger.

Grabbing some ice from the bucket of root beers and cream sodas.

And sharing some ice with Elliott.

Checking out the party favors Jackson got.

Playing on his slide in the yard.

Elliott checking out some toys. Maybe they'll get some ideas for his birthday in a couple months.

Happy Birthday Ian!

Time to pop all these balloons.

Where'd they go?

Fun times.

He's a big boy! The year has gone by so fast!

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