Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Merry Christmas!

My dad is always up super early, so he took Ian while T and I got to sleep in! What a great present!
When we did see him though, he was super happy.

He loves this Santa hat.

Santa took all those cookies!

But he left a few scraps.

Don't mind if I do.

You little rascal. We'll see if Santa brought you anything at all.

Well since Ian's still so young and isn't clamoring to open presents yet, we have time for a nice breakfast.

Ian's ready to help out.

Helping with the bacon.

While T makes pancakes.

In the end, we had a great breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, OJ, and coffee. It was awesome having both sets of grandparents here.

Time for presents! Olaf was a gift from the neighbors.

We always start with the stockings. Poking out of the top of Ian's was a Duffy teddy bear who was also a puppet.

He loved the bath toys, fruit snacks and Duffy.

He loves giving his stuff animals great big hugs.

Another present was a harmonica. Whenever T would play it, he's stop and watch and would always clap once she was finished.

T opened her stocking and found some goodies. She's a fan of money and ancient coins, so Santa brought her an ancient Roman coin from 350 A.D. Along with that, she also got received a Ten Trillion Dollar bill. Yep, $10,000,000,000,000.

Ian opening his next present. Beach toys!

Time for my stocking. What's this? Coal? Awww.

Underneath the coal, I found a few other treats though. Santa got me some chocolate infused with Tabasco, as well as a salami stick and pancetta.

Next was a super fluffy Pluto. I love how Ian gives him a giant hug, then grabs his Duffy and gives them both a huge hug.

Ian really really wanted his mommy's spa voucher for a 90 minute massage. T was keeping this one for herself though.

After a little while, Ian started figuring out how to unwrap presents.

Ready to be quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Unwrapping a toolbox.

T knows I love steak and bought a bunch of American Wagu beef from Snake River Farms for me. These are going to be delicious!

Ian and I made Theresa a really nice calendar with photos of Ian throughout the year.

Chi and Richard got my mom a shirt.

As well as my dad.

T got me a quad copter with a camera. First flights outside were a little shaky, but I'm sure that will improve. I'll post videos and pictures of future flights later.

Next Ian got another Duffy dressed like Steamboat Mickey.

And a Mickey Mouse golf set.

Time for T's big present.

Ian thinks that thing is huge!

It's a Kishu-Mandarin tree! T's been asking for this for the past couple months. She loves the jewels of fruit that come off them, and she's excited to have one of her own.

A magna-doodle that he mostly just liked to carry around by the pen, but not actually draw on.

My big gift this year was an American Kobe Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye. Something this expensive is going to be very intimidating to cook, but I'm sure it's going to taste delicious! We'll have to find a special occasion to eat it and celebrate.

My parents got Richard a Su Doku book, since he likes those puzzles so much.

And for Chi, my mom handmade a beautiful quilt!

A train set from some friends turned out to be a big hit. Whenever you push the smokestack, it would make noise and start chugging away. He would push the stack, follow after it while it sped away, and then immediately press it again.

Time for his last big present. He was really interested in the bow.

He's been having such a fun time at the parks on the swings, we had to get him one of his own. We tied it to our giant tree and he just loved it.

Look at that giant smile.

The afternoon was spent playing with toys and FaceTiming with family.

I put the batteries in my new quad copter and all of the sudden it started taking off indoors! Yikes!

For dinner, we all dined on a delicious prime rib roast made by my dad, along with salad and cheese fondue. For dessert we had chocolate fondue and a bunch of fruit.

Ian has the grandparents trained very well. He led them in a round of clapping. Too cute. 

It was a very fun Christmas day. 

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