Monday, December 22, 2014

Decorating the Christmas tree

It's that time of year, and it's time to put up the Flowers' Family Christmas Tree! This year we've got a little helper. No live tree for us this year, but Ian got a kick out of getting the fake one out of the box.

Theresa made sure we had yummy things to nibble on while we decorated. Deer sausage from our brother-in-law Tyler, plus a variety of cheeses. Christmas music also played in the background while we were putting it up.

Ian watching mommy fluff up the branches and helping out.

T decorating the tree with ribbon.

Ian "helping" with the tree skirt.

"Ian, can you hang an ornament?" These Mickey Mouse shaped ornaments are some of our favorites.

Ian was curious to see how they stuck those ears on. I admit, I have always been curious too. Now I guess we know.

Let's give this another try. Here's your very first ornament... Try to be a little more careful...


Ian, can you put the ornament on the tree?

Admiring his work.

Rockin around the Christmas Tree.

We even got his favorite teddy bear onto the tree.

Lastly it's time to place the star on top.

And I got a little helper.

Ta-da. Looks great!

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