Friday, December 12, 2014

Making Gingerbread cookies at home

After having a great time making gingerbread houses from a kit while we were in Michigan, I figured making gingerbread cookies myself would be a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Theresa was also going to make a homemade treat. First we went to the store to find all our ingredients.

T made a simple 3 ingredient microwave fudge. Very simple and very tasty.

Mixing up the ingredients.

Sweetened condensed milk is way too delicious.


My gingerbread cookies were a little more involved. Please note I chose the Brer Rabbit molasses.

I was lucky enough to get Disneyland's own recipe from a fellow Micechat member, IzzyInWonderland, who found the recipe and posted it for everyone back in 2008. Thanks Izzy!

First up was mixing all the ingredients and letting the dough rest in the refrigerator.

The recipe said to let the dough rest for at least an hour, but I ended up waiting until the next day after Ian went to sleep for the night to start it.

Rolling out the dough.

And using a classic gingerbread man cutout for the shapes.

While I was making cookies, Theresa was busy making one of my holiday favorites. My grandma had a recipe for a delicious spiced tea that just tastes like Christmas to me. The Flowers' household always makes a few batches throughout the holiday season, and no, unfortunately this recipe won't be shared.

T made sure to save enough so we'd have some to enjoy while we watched Ruston singing in Candlelight the next day.

Gingerbread men in the making.

Voila! My very first gingerbread man ever!

Soon I had a whole troop.

A few of these are going to be presents for the neighbors. Theresa found these adorable gingerbread house gift boxes to give them in. My cookie on the left saying hi to the printed box gingerbread man on the right.

The gingerbread cookies went into a decorated bag.

While the fudge was cut and wrapped in parchment.

After making a bunch of cookies for the neighbors plus a few more for us, it was time to start to get creative with the dough. I left the kitchen for a moment and came back to find a Mickey head cookie waiting to be baked.

Writing my name in dough because I can.

A couple cookies got a set of Mickey Mouse ears.

Next, I made a cookie and a negative cookie.

And the result. The cookie on the left has calories, while the one on the right must have negative calories.

Lastly, I decided to get ambitious and try to freehand the Sleeping Beauty castle. The results were... meh, not great, but it could have been worse.

In the end, it was a great experience making cookies and getting into the Christmas spirit!

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