Saturday, December 27, 2014

Second Christmas with the entire family

Theresa, Ian and I had our first Christmas on December 25th. My brother Jon and his family and my other brother Patrick all arrived on December 26th, so on Saturday morning December 27th, we all had a second Christmas together.

All the kids got stockings of their own. Santa must have know they'd be coming to our house too.

 Enjoying some candy and looking at their goodies.

Excited for some Mickey Mouse band-aids. I'm sure this little boy will be going through them.

Hanging out with his Uncle Patrick.

It's Woody!

Reading a new book with Gram.

This Glow-hawk started blinking through the wrapping paper, and Isaac was excited to see it was for him.

Maybe we should have bought two...

Bacon Jerky sounds like it could be good. I didn't get to try any, so I'll just have to look for it myself. Love the shirt Patrick.

Isaac loved his Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots. Ian was happy collecting pieces of paper and handing it to various adults.

Challenging Uncle Patrick.

Emma loving some of her gifts. Two Disney dolls from T and I, and a bright pink purse all the way from Italy from Patrick and Megan.

Plus a handmade hat from Aunt Megan.

For my Dad's Christmas present, I had something custom made. On top was a picture frame.

I made a collage of each of the grandkids, plus a photo of him with each of the grandkids.

And then I sent the whole thing to Costco to create a photo blanket made up of all the pictures. I think it turned out really well!

Patrick and Megan got a new camera lens. Canon introduced a new 10-18mm wide angle lens, and now I'm thinking I might replace my old wide angle lens with it.

Jon picked up some boiled peanuts for Mom. Those are delicious.

Jess enjoying an Italian scarf.

My brother who is a huge Lord of the Rings fan, received Thorin's final quote from The Hobbit.

A paper "camera" containing money for a new lens. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Over a year in the making, my Mom also made a king-sized quilt for our bed.

Ian likes it! Very nice Mom.

For lunch, Theresa ordered us a delicious Kurobuta ham from Snake River Farms.

While I made us some tasty turkey roast.

And in the end, we all had a fantastic lunch of ham, turkey, salad and cheese fondue. Nice work T.

Happy Second Christmas to us all!

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  1. I'll make sure I save some jerky or find some more before you guys come visit!