Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A week long visit from Jon, Jess, and the family

Jon, Jess, and their entire family came down to visit us for an entire week! Alli was happy to see some visitors.

After a long drive from Northern California, including some snow, they all arrived in Southern California. 

Hi Uncle Jon!

And hi Aunt Jess! It's Alli's first time meeting you!

Ian's been talking all week about them coming to visit. 


It didn't take long for the kids to run off and start playing together. 

And Ian and Emma were best buddies, hanging out the whole visit. 

 Monday was a day of just hanging out at the house, going to the local parks, and playing.

One of the things the kids saw that they were begging to play with was the Disneyland Monorail and all the attractions that connected to it.

After playing with it, they were really excited to ride the real monorail when they visit Disneyland for 3 days on this visit! We'll continue the story there!

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