Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kid's first trip to Disneyland

To say they were excited is an understatement.
Theresa and I bought them all Mickey ears to celebrate their first trip to Disneyland!

Emma was all ready to meet characters from her favorite movie Frozen.

To start the day, Jon and his entire family headed to Disney California Adventure. Theresa, Ian, Alli and I will come later today once we get off work.
By getting to the park right at opening, they were able to get on so many rides. Before we got there, they were able to ride Radiator Springs Races 3 times!

Just after lunchtime, T, Ian, Alli and I arrived to join them. Without us even telling him, Ian said he wanted to go on the "Ariel ride". I love how he remembers some of the rides and can tell us what he wants to do.
Theresa headed off to the baby center to feed Alli while the rest of us went on the ride.

Yes you can fit 4 people in these clam shells. I hopped in with 3 of the kids.

While Ian rode with his Aunt Jess, Uncle Jon and Isaac. Well he thought he wanted to go on it, but before too long he had buried his face into Jess.

Ice cream break!

Aunt Jess was nice enough to share with Ian.

While the kids enjoyed their ice cream, Jon and I made use of a couple fast passes he had grabbed earlier in the day. It feels like it's been so long since I've been on a thrill ride.

I love the acceleration at the very beginning! And we've got a crowd cheering for us as we go by!

Jon actually had 2 more fast passes, so we hopped on again for another round!

Still waiting for us to go by and cheering again.

Great view from the top.

Next it was time for Toy Story Midway Mania.

Full of excitement and not sure what to expect.

Ian liked pulling on the cannon.

Theresa was waiting for us at the exit of Toy Story and from there we continued along the boardwalk. Isaac saw the swings and had to go on them. Emma wasn't far behind, and needed an adult to go with her. I volunteer!

Emma's very bold and daring.

As is Isaac.

Let's burn off some energy! Over to Redwood Creek!

All the kids who were big enough loved riding the tire zip line.

Ian had just as much fun climbing the stairs to the slide as he did going down the slide.

In line for the rock climb.

T's been gone for a little while. She showed up a short time later with fresh churros for everyone!

All the kids loved climbing the rock faces.

But Ian was a little too small.

He had to settle for some bouldering instead.

We chose to come to DCA on Tuesday instead of Monday just so we could experience World of Color. It wasn't running yesterday so we had to make sure we came today. With Daylight Saving Time in effect, the first showing started at 6:15pm! Perfect when you've got little kids who go down for bedtime before 8pm.
At 5:15 it was time to queue up for WoC.

Perfect location! We're just where we wanted to be. Not right on the water, but one row back. Everyone enjoyed corn dogs while we waited. 


Ian held me tight during the show, but he said he liked it. Afterward he'd refer to it as both the fire show and the light show.

I was thinking Alli might be tired, but nope. Her eyes were locked on the water and lights the entire time.

It's Frozen! I know who is going to love that.

Sure enough, she had a great big smile on her face.

Everyone really enjoyed it!

Time to head home. Ian passed out in the stroller shortly after that and Alli fell asleep in the car.

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