Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Sunday at Disneyland with Ruston

What is this? The 3rd week in a row of going to Disneyland? Sounds good to me!
The day started on Dumbo! Both kids fit with me. Good thing too since T doesn't want to start the day with spinning rides.

And speaking of spinning rides, Ian was asking about the Tea Cups in the car.

And because there was hardly any line, we went a second time! All because we're waiting for...

Uncle Ruston to arrive! This early in the morning, there was no line for Gadget's Go-Coaster!

Check it out! We've got the whole coaster to ourselves!

Ride #2 with Mommy.

Love seeing that smile on these rides.

And ride #3 with Daddy. We have to ride this at least 3 times whenever we go.

Big smiles.

We've never really played on the playground at Goofy's house. I'm probably dating myself when I say I remember when Goofy's house was a giant bounce house inside. Now it's just a regular floor inside. Not nearly as fun.

We have rides that we always have to go on. Small World is one of them. And with the $1 popcorn refills, we've been getting a bucket of that to enjoy while we ride.

Someone's tired. She's still taking a couple naps a day and it's about time for that now.

Even the excitement of the carrousel couldn't keep her awake.

I had heard that the best character from Beauty and the Beast was now going to be roaming the parks. I was happy to see him in person!

Gaston was walking around acting cocky and grandiose. I'm sure Alli will regret being asleep when she could have met Gaston.

Another staple for our visit. Ian loves visiting the Tiki Room.

Not wanting to wake Alli, I waited outside while everyone else sang with the birdies.

With all these visits, we're running out of unique places to eat! Today it's the fried chicken from the Plaza Inn. Theresa was really looking forward to the green beans that come as a side, but sadly today they had corn instead.

I know the Mark Twain has been docked while construction continues on Star Wars land. We haven't explored it though. Time to change that.

Someone is getting so big! She's really enjoying trying to walk now.


It's Tiana!

Alli was really interested in Tiana's gloves, as well as her necklace and earrings.

One last ride before we have to go. You know it's got to be Winnie the Pooh. And because of the short lines, we got to do it twice!

Before the long walk to the car, we enjoyed the cool air conditioned lobby of the Grand Californian, listening to the pianist play beautiful Disney songs.

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