Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ian and Joe's Disneyland Day

Happy Sunday! It's the day that the Flowers family usually goes to Disneyland. We'd been talking about it for a couple days ahead of time, but when Sunday morning rolled around, Alli woke up with a fever. Poor Alli.
I was really looking forward to going too because one of my favorite artists Allison Lefcort was supposed to be there at an expo. Ian was also asking "Are we going to Disneyland?" as we're eating breakfast.
Theresa, is it okay if I take Ian to the parks today, just Daddy and Ian? Yes? Alright! Let's go buddy! We're going to have a lot of fun! For the 40 minute drive from home, I turned off the radio and the two of us just sang Disney songs the whole drive there.
The two of us hopped on a not too crowded tram and were on our way!

Cheese! Let's go have some fun buddy! Our first stop was the expo inside the Grand Californian Hotel, looking for Allison Lefcort, but unfortunately she was no where to be seen. Not just that, but there wasn't any of her art on display either. Bummer. Maybe she didn't come after all.

On the walk back we passed a Jamba Juice. "Can we get a smoothie?" Sure buddy. The first of many decisions today that I let Ian make for us.

Out the window of Jamba Juice Ian saw the fountain that he usually gets to toss money in. "May I have a coin please?" Well when you ask that nicely buddy, sure. Making him use his manners so much at home really does pay off sometimes.

Let me know if you see any giant pumpkins, okay buddy? "Right there!" Where? "There's a Mickey pumpkin right there!"

Grabbing a photo by the entrance before we start.

Back in Toontown, we were about to ride Gadget's Go-Coaster, but it's only a 10 minute wait to see Mickey Mouse. Ian, want to go see Mickey's house and meet Mickey? He enjoyed walking through Mickey's house and seeing Mickey's garden in the back. We watched the carrots grow in Mickey's garden and then disappear down into the ground. A gopher then popped his head out of one of the holes. After a short wait in line, it was time to meet Mickey. Ian got a great big hug. Big enough to knock the hat off his head, but he loved it.

Thanks Mickey! Good to see you!

Now it's time for Gadget's Go-Coaster! "Let's ride it 5 times!" If we were here earlier buddy, we could totally do that. Unfortunately the line is about 15 minutes.

I love that he loves roller coasters.

Big smiles on the ride.

While we were in line Ian pointed out the treehouse nearby. "Who lives there?" That's Chip and Dale's treehouse buddy. Let's go check it out. Well besides a steep staircase, there really isn't much left here anymore.

It's fun how characters just wander around Toontown. Ian got so excited seeing Goofy and Pluto.

What do you want to ride next? "Lets go on small world!" That's a good idea Ian. He certainly knows our routines.

It's just about lunchtime and when you're with Daddy, you know you're getting some meat! The two of us split a giant turkey leg.

Mmm. Those turkey legs are delicious. Where does he put it all?

"Can I feed the ducks Daddy?" Of course buddy. Just a few Cheerios in the water and you can attract a good size group of ducks.

Next up is the carrousel! While we were waiting in line, I asked Ian what horse he wanted to ride. He pointed to this horse with an orange and black saddle. When it was time to ride, we walked over to him, and right behind him Jingles was wide open! But Ian wanted to ride this one, so that's the one we picked. Following our normal tradition, I asked Ian what his horse's name was. "His name is Jingles Daddy." Okay buddy, whatever you want to call him.

"I want to wear your hat Daddy."

It's just a little big for you buddy.

Give it a shot Ian. What next? "Dumbo!" Ehh. It's a 30 minute wait right now. How about Winnie the Pooh instead?

Lead me there Ian!

It's pretty crowded today. The line today used every single bit of the queue and stretched out the entrance.
Remember those carrots from Mickey's garden? While we were in line, Ian saw a wheelbarrow of carrots (by Rabbit's house). "Are those from Mickey's garden?" Haha. They just might be buddy. Maybe it was Gopher that took them from Mickey's garden and brought them here.

Just a couple things left before we head home buddy. Making good use of the photopass photographers.

Next up. The Tiki Room! Might as well have a treat to enjoy while we watch, right buddy? Let's get a Dole Whip!

After I handed it to him he asked "Where is yours Daddy?"

The whole time in line, I was watching the doors, wondering if the timing would work out to get inside. It couldn't have been 10 seconds before getting my credit card back after paying for the Dole Whip that they put the rope up and closed the show. Oh well. Guess we'll enjoy our Dole Whip outside the show.

And that time gave us the opportunity to check in with Theresa to see how Alli is doing. Luckily the fever broke and she's a happy girl again. I'm guessing teething. Ian asked to see her picture again and then said "I love Alli." Sweet boy.

Well being at the front of the line has its benefits. The two of us sat directly beneath Jose.

There's a part of the show where Jose says, Applause Applause. Let's give the little birdies a great big hand. To which Ian quickly replied "I have little hands."

Another great show Jose! I saw Ian get more than a few smiles from other guests when he started belting out "LET'S ALL SING LIKE THE BIRDIES SING..." during the show.

There's just one more thing we have to do! Come on!
Let's get some photos in front of the castle!

And how about a special treat!

It's a chocolate Mickey Mouse!

The two of us sat in front of the castle as Ian made a complete mess of himself with the Mickey Bar.

Now there's a happy smile.

What a fun day! I had a lot of fun with you Ian!

Not long after getting in the car and starting the drive, it got really quiet in the back seat. Once I got home it was easy to see why.

After he woke up, both Ian and Alli were happy to see each other.

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