Monday, October 31, 2016

Ian and Alli's birthday party

Happy Birthday Alli and Ian! Because they are close together, and because we have family visiting right between their two birthdays, we split the difference and had a combined birthday party for both of them! Any surprise that it's a Minnie and Mickey theme?

So all the decorations as well took on Mickey and Minnie colors.

It's great to have so much help getting ready for the party. And boy do we have lots of help. Lots of family came out for the party. My brother (6 people), my parents (2 people), T's brother (4 people), and T's sister (4 people). My parents are staying with T's parents, but that leaves 18 people staying at my house!

The first things guests will get when they arrive is a bubble gun. It's one of Ian's favorite toys. I wasn't thinking they were a seasonal item when I made plans to buy them. I went to 5 different Target's to find enough for the party!

But they were as big a hit as I would have hoped. The kids making a giant bubble pile in the middle of the yard. I bet when it rains, my whole yard is going to bubble up.

The bounce house was a hit.

And we bought 400 plastic balls to make a ball-pit inside Ian's tent.

Great having everyone out visiting.

And it's fun seeing all our friends here.

Let's eat!

Some fun Mickey shapes in the fruit tray.

My mom making sure we're well stocked.

Ty and Richard helping grill up some giant Costco hot dogs. Mmm.

And a couple smaller hot dogs for the kids.

Couple that with chicken nuggets and bags of chips, and you've got a meal that any kid would love.

Well there's the birthday girl. She started her morning nap an hour before the party started and decided to keep sleeping an extra hour.

Oh boy. She's loose.

The next party event was inspired by the individual cake decorating that Disneyland used to offer. The 4 days leading up to the party, I tried multiple sugar cookie recipes to find the best one for decorating. The night before, I made 60 Mickey shaped sugar cookies, plus lots of Minnie bows, and tiny Mickey heads.

And then I got creative with the cookie dough and made some different styles of cookies.

And the cookies were a hit! I think everyone enjoyed bringing out their creative side and decorating. Nice work Karl.

With all the sprinkles and icing, Theresa was reminded of the kart from Wreck-It Ralph.

Hmm. I think someone has been eating red icing.

What are you going to make Ian?

Nice work buddy.

Emmett is always full of smiles.

After making a regular cookie, a few people got creating and started mixing things to make frosting colors we didn't provide. Very nice Jacob.

T was thinking ahead too. Make sure people have take-home container for their cookies just in case.

Mickey piñata time! Not the kind with a bat. This one you pull a ribbon on the bottom and hope it causes the bottom to open up.


This is a combined birthday, so Alli needs a piñata too.

Alli coming away with some candy.

And now, it's time for cake.
White sheet cake from Costco, but Theresa did a good job on the fondant to decorate it.

And Alli's Minnie Mouse cake looks great too with the pink bows. Alli couldn't wait and grabbed a handful of icing.

Make a wish!

Mmm. Cake.

Ruston has been working hard on a few more cookies. So creative.

Nice Jacob.

Time for presents!

A cool Mickey Mouse jacket, with ears!

Alli loves her Hei Hei plush chicken from the upcoming Disney movie Moana.

Minnie Mouse!

Ian has seen Theresa and I wearing our Broncos t-shirts and asked where his was. He has his own personalized jersey, but now thanks to Pat and Megan he has a t-shirt too.

Aww. I think she likes her tutu.

And really likes the quilt her Gram made for her.

The party is winding down and people are starting to take off. Thanks for coming!

Ian helping put together his new tricycle.

The balls have exploded around the yard.

Which gives everyone the perfect opportunity to throw them at each other.

Time to put them away. Hey, where's Ian?

It turned out to be a great day for a party! Thanks to all the people who came by to celebrate, and thanks to everyone who helped prepare for it!

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