Sunday, October 16, 2016

Underwood Family Pumpkin Farm, Happy Birthday Alli!

Happy Birthday Alli! A year ago today, your mom and I were at the hospital waiting for you to arrive! Today we're headed to Underwood Family Farms about an hour north of here for a Fall Festival! We certainly love our pumpkins!

After making great time on the freeway, we arrived shortly after 9:30am. They opened at 9am today and they're already started to get crowded. We should have gotten here earlier.

A couple years ago, we went to Tanaka Farms for our fall pumpkin patch visit. It was $2 per person to get in there. Here at Underwood Family Farms, they've got dynamic pricing that gets more expensive in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Today it's $20 per person over 2 years old! Yikes! Well it's supposed to be good.

Ian checking out the train in the middle of a play area.

It's always more fun to do these kinds of things with friends. I sent an email out and my co-worker Catherine, her family, and some other friends all came.

Let's go explore the corn maze!

I love how they all joined hands and started exploring.

Cornfused indeed. We took a wrong turn somewhere.

Now it looks like we're on the right path!

Uh oh. Again?

It really was a pretty big maze. There were plenty of places to get turned around.

The haystack! We found it!

After the maze, it was time to do some activities. There are multiple booths that sell tickets. They start at $1/ticket and get cheaper the more you buy.
At Tanaka farms they had a pumpkin cannon that was pretty fun. Here they've got tomato sling-shots. 3 tickets gets you 3 tomatoes.

Ian sending a tomato flying.

Right beside the slingshots was an air-powered tomato launcher. Every few seconds, one would fire and every time it would startle Alli. After a couple minutes of that, she had had enough. Okay little girl, let's get you away from here.

Let's go ride the tractor pulled wagons! Rides are free!

Going through a vine archway.

The tractor made a stop at another section of the farms where they grow all sorts of goodies. The driver asked if anyone wanted to get out and pick fruits and veggies and of course Theresa said Yes!

Catherine held Alli on the wagon ride. Once we got off, I motioned to take her, but Alli turned in towards Catherine and grabbed a hold tighter. You rascal.

Hmm. What have we here?

Delicious peppers!

Finding something good Alli?

The grape tomatoes were pretty tasty. Lucas certainly enjoyed them.

The rest of the group went back to the festival, but T wanted to stay out a little longer.

Next we found the raspberries, but they were pretty picked over.

It was hard to find anything ripe. Instead we settled for "not green".

Alli, do you like raspberries?

Oh yes she does.

Lastly let's get some carrots. Theresa made sure to look for the ones that are really big,

Whaaa? Well it looked big from the top.

Mmm. Carrots.

We caught the next wagon back to the rest of the festival with our bounty.

For 25 cents you can buy chicken feed.

Even though we have a bounce house at home, of course Ian wanted to jump in this one.

3 tickets to bounce and after 5 minutes he was done. Oh well.

Time for pig races! It was nearly noon and the stadium was filling up fast. At 10 minutes til noon, they closed the entry.

Snacking on his carrots while we wait for the pigs to race.

Hey buddy! So smiley!

Go pigs go!

After the pig races, we'd say our goodbyes to Catherine and family and meet up with some new friends. 
It's Gene and Grace! Time for lunch. Lines were pretty backed up everywhere, but that's probably our fault, trying to eat lunch at the same time everyone else is. We got a variety of things like tri-tip sandwiches, carne asada tacos, chicken fingers, and a quesadilla, but the favorite of everyone was the roasted corn on the cob.

Mmm. Happy to have enough teeth to enjoy it!


Time to spend some tickets! There was a section where kids could drive a mini tractor so we hopped in line there.

And we waited...

And waited...

And finally 20 minutes after getting in line, it was time to ride. The main problem was that out of the 6 tractors here, only 2 were working!

Trying to get the hang of pushing the pedal and steering.

And not quite getting it...

He had a great time, but he's going to have to practice a little bit more. It's almost like he was trying to hit everything with the tractor.

You know it's busy when there's a 5 minute line to go down a slide.

Even though he was a little hesitant at first, he was brave and rode the ponies. 5 tickets per rider.

And so did Emmett! Nice work buddy.

A couple family photos.

And one for us. Alli had enough and decided to take a nap.

Too bad for her, because our next stop was the petting zoo! 4 tickets for kids, and the accompanying adults are free.

The petting zoo was great! We got to touch guinea pigs.

And goats.

Baby chickens.

The rabbit was very soft.

The pig was a bit bristly.

And the ducks were pretty fuzzy.

Vote for your favorite pumpkin.

Some creative ideas here. I liked the 3 little pigs pumpkin houses.

Which one is your favorite buddy?

Almost time to go. Let's spin the wheel and try to win a prize Ian. 2 tickets per spin.

Ian spun and won a pumpkin!

And he was really happy with his prize.

We're going celebrate with family in a couple weeks, but we've got to celebrate a little bit on Alli's real birthday. Just a tiny bit of cake for her.

Mmm. Tasty cake.

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