Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day in Colorado

It's Christmas morning! And look at that, it's a white Christmas!

Even though the kids were super excited to open presents, the morning started with breakfast preparations. No matter what you're doing in the kitchen, Ian always asks "Can I help?"
Aunt Jess was happy to let him help roll out the dough for the sticky cinnamon rolls.


And he's an expert at getting coffee ready, thanks to both his grandpas.

A short time later, Patrick and Megan arrived with sausage and cheese balls for the oven.

Hi Aunt Megan!

With everything in the oven, it was time to open presents!

That is a lot of stockings.

And the stockings are always first up.

That stocking is nearly as big as you Alli!

You might remember that both Ian and Alli loved hugging the plush Zero doggies outside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Well Santa happened to remember it too.

One for Ian, and another for Alli. Big big hugs from Alli.

It's great having the whole family together.

Emma loved her Legos.

A special coffee mug for Gram with the kids pictures on it.

Aww. A little Duke sweatshirt for their newest arrival, coming soon.

For Theresa, I made her a daily calendar of some of my favorite photos of the past years. That took more than a few hours to put together. Sorting through 365 pictures.

I don't think I've ever seen a boy get so excited over kitty-cat slippers.

That present won Christmas for him though.

Chi made a blanket for the new baby.

Cool wrapping.

For dad, I made a t-shirt to commemorate our 60 mile hike earlier this year.

Also for Theresa I made a wall calendar. The parents each got one too.

With all the presents opened, it was time to enjoy the delicious breakfast that was waiting for us.

Followed closely by playing with all their toys.

I think it's funny that all the ornaments on that ornament tree back there have migrated to the top.

Someone loves her Daniel Tiger and the baby bottles she got to feed him.

And speaking of food, lunch was soon upon us. Dad made prime rib for all of us.

Later that night we visited more family in Colorado. Alli found a few candy canes decorating their tree and decided to collect them.

We also got to visit our old pastor from high school.

Ian thought Gram was running a little low on spiced tea. Better help make up a batch.

Alli is wondering what's in there.

A baby?

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