Monday, December 19, 2016

Making Christmas Fudge with Ian

Every year for the past couple years, I've been making a special treat for the holidays. In years past, I made gingerbread men and homemake candy canes. This year, Ian and I are making fudge!

The ingredients for fudge are pretty simple. Chocolate chips, condensed milk, and then anything else you want to throw in there for flavoring.

Measuring out the chocolate chips, and sampling a few to verify freshness.

Next comes the condensed milk. I offered to let Ian lick the spoon. At first he refused, saying he didn't like it. I couldn't that mistaken belief continue, so I suggested he try just a little bit on the tip of his finger. "Mmm. I like condensed milk Daddy." Thought so.

Stir it until it all melts together and then let it cool.

In the end, we made three different flavors. Regular chocolate, Andes Mint (which we didn't have time to let the middle layer set before applying the top layer), and Heath Bar.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Thanks for the help buddy.

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