Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas time at Disneyland

Christmas is almost here! We should check in on Santa and see how he's doing before his big trip on Christmas Eve. You know where Santa lives right?

All dressed to head to the North Pole.
Okay, we're not really going to the North Pole. But it's in the 50s here in Southern California so their Mommy dresses them up like they are headed to the North Pole.

All loaded on the tram and headed to get our Disney fix. We were here a couple weeks ago for Candlelight, and Ian wasn't able to ride some of the rides he really likes.

Everyone is dressed up in their holiday outfits.

Even the Disneyland horses! I really liked the bells that were installed on their harnesses that jingled when they walked.

While Mommy grabbed coffee, Jacob and I took the kids to one of the rides T doesn't care to do. Dumbo!

Alli was ready to ride. Trying to squeeze herself through the bars to get onto the ride.

She was happy when we finally made it on.

Pink elephant for Alli.

Blue elephant for Jacob and Ian.

Still waiting on Theresa so off we went to another spinning ride. Tea cups! Alli trying to squeeze through the fence here too. Got to watch that girl.

Ian loves it. Alli didn't so much this time.

Alli was super cute walking around in her little elf hat. Both her and Ian got a lot of attention, people pointing them out to each other. And there were even a few people who knew what Disney Christmas special the hats were from! Prep and Landing is one of my favorites! There hasn't been a new one since Prep and Landing: Naughty vs Nice back in 2011. T even met the wife of one of the animators while we were there!

We're heading back into Toontown for one of Ian's favorite rides. Just look at that smile.

After the first ride, of course he said "Let's do that again!" And then he wanted to ride it yet again! Love that the line is only 5 minutes long.

Riding with me!

T waits with Alli and watches us ride every time. As soon as Alli gets big enough, she'll need to start coming with!

The line for it's a small world was very short, thankfully.

Both Ian and Alli were dancing around to the music as we floated along.


While Jacob grabbed a fast pass for the Haunted Mansion, the kids threw the last bits of breakfast to the ducks.

While we waited for our fast passes to be ready, we took a spin on Winnie the Pooh.

Ian waving at Santa. Hmm, should we hop in line and see him?

Yep! Santa was very popular today. The line moved fairly slowly, taking us 40 minutes to reach the front.

We've met Santa a couple times this season and Alli hasn't liked meeting him either of those times. She decided to take the easy way out this time and just fall asleep before we got up to him.
Santa asked Ian what he would like for Christmas. Ian said "A Candy Cane!" Santa told him that he would give him a candy cane today. Is there anything he'd like him to bring on Christmas day? "Another candy cane!" Santa laughed at that and said that he was easy.


Ian enjoying Santa's present. The five of us enjoyed walking past the 60 minute line for Mansion by using our fast passes.

Next it was lunchtime. Today we had a pretty disappointing meal from Rancho del Zocolo. The half chicken was pretty paltry and the rice was really dry. Need to find a better dining place next time.

Time to go hear the birdies sing. Alli was happy to explore the queue area. That is, until this tiki god started shooting fire from her head. She came running back to me pretty quick then.

Inside, we all sang along with the birds and always clapped for them when they were done.

Just one more thing before we go. Time for some pictures in front of the castle. The parade was going on while we were there. Waving big at Santa.

Merry Christmas!

Loving their Uncle Jacob.

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