Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween Time at the Disney Resort, weekend #4 Goofy's Kitchen

Dinner time!
What better place to celebrate with kids than at Goofy's Kitchen! All-you-can-eat plus Disney characters? Yes please!

Upon arrival, the kids certainly appreciated the old Autopia car to play in while everyone got washed up.

Alli loved it when it was her turn to drive too.

Time to go meet Chef Goof... Uh, Chef Mickey!
I'm always used to seeing Chef Goofy here. Is Mickey participating now too?

Some kids like to give big hugs. My kid likes to ask questions.
"What are you cooking back there?"
"Where's Chef Goofy?"
"Why are there eggs on the top shelf?"

Mickey miming
"I'm making soup."
"Goofy is in the restaurant."
"The eggs are up there to keep them out of Goofy's reach." - The photographer helped a little with that description.

Satisfied that Mickey knew what he was talking about, it was time for a picture.

I explained to the table that everything was included, the all-you-can-eat buffet, the desserts, and even the drinks.
Ian - I want this drink!
The Banana Spiced Rum Martini. I don't think so.

Ian asking our excellent server Robert if he can have this drink. Robert explained maybe not until you're 21.

I thought the food here was delicious. There's a ton of variety, including lots of different meats (thank you Disney). Sirloin, fried chicken, ribs, hot dogs, turkey, and more. Then add 4 different pizzas (including Mickey's Mac and Cheese Pizza), chicken nuggets, tater tots. It was fun sampling a little bit of everything.

Hi Pluto!

The littlest wasn't so thrilled seeing Pluto.

Every 30 minutes or so the characters parade through the restaurant and you're invited to wave your napkins in the air. Careful with everything on the table though. When the napkins start spinning, the food goes flying.

Hi Dale!

It's Minnie! And it's time for more questions!
Ian - "Minnie what did you make for dinner?"
Minnie points to the cupcake on her apron.
Ian - "Minnie, how do you make the cupcakes?"
         "Minnie, how do you make M&Ms?"
         "Minnie, how do you make pancakes?"
         "Minnie, how do you make gummy worms?"

Hi Chip!

The kids all ate really well. Maybe not good enough to account for the $24 price tag, but still pretty good. That means it's time for dessert!
A chocolate ice cream cone with M&Ms. Nice choice Macy.

Whoa Ian. That's a little bit of everything!

For Alli, I just filled a cup with all the ice cream toppings and no ice cream. She was definitely happy with that.

Mmm. Dessert pizza.
There's S'mores pizza, PB&J pizza, and Apple Pie pizza.

Of course I had to try them all. And how they're shown here is the order that I liked them.
The S'mores pizza was fantastic. The chocolate base I think was nutella, which is delicious. Top that with toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs and you can't go wrong.
The PB&J pizza made with smooth peanut butter and grape jelly tastes exactly how you think it would. Think warm toasted PB&J sandwich.
The Apple Pie pizza was just okay. The crust is too thin to be flaky like real pie crust, and the toppings on this one were meh.

Our last table visitor was the one and only Chef Goofy himself!

The characters love to hear "You're my favorite!"

I was asked if we were celebrating anything at the beginning of the meal. This girl has a birthday in a week, so why not that? They brought her out an orange cupcake and sang to her.

Mmm. More sweets.

Everyone have fun?

I certainly had a great time at dinner here tonight. And I think it was even a pretty good value. At $41 per adult minus 15% for being an AP holder, that put it at $35 per person for an all-you-can-eat meal plus some 1 on 1 time with the characters. Much better than that $45 per person meal we had at the Crystal Palace at Walt Disney World. I can see us doing this again soon.

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