Saturday, October 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Celebration Alli and Ian!

With a birthday in October and a birthday in November, we split the difference and have a combined birthday party! And because it's so close to Halloween, I know what the theme is going to be!

Plus it's a costume party!

T and her mom did a great job on the food.

It was fun to have a Halloween theme. Nice pumpkin carrots and olives.

Oooh, and mummy hot dogs.

Great pirate outfit Jacob.

And thanks for the Mickey Rice Krispy treats! Theresa also had a spread for caramel apple nachos. Yum!

We've got guests! A fireman.

Plus a couple of pirates!

Hi Elmo!

It's Super Ruston!

The kids had a great time playing in the bounce house.

And it was even better when Tick-Tock the Croc showed up and they had someone they could all attack!

Kylo Ren! With a fruit skewer lightsaber!

For the longest time Ian has been asking for a piñata. He was really excited to see we had a big pumpkin piñata.

 These pinatas with ribbons on them work really well for the kids. Everyone grabs a ribbon and pulls at the same time. No wild bats swinging around!

Got to gather that candy!

Hi Mr. Turtle! Happy first Halloween!

T made some halloween funfetti cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Ian!

And Happy Birthday Alli!

For party gifts, each of the kids got a treat bucket.

And their pick of the candy!

Who doesn't love ring pops? Jack Skellington certainly does.

Wake up Zero!

The kids got so many great presents. They really like the rocks our neighbor paints. She gave them a halloween rock, plus paint to make their own!

Awesome Batman car!

And Moana doll.

But when this kitty cat card came out and they discovered it meowed the song Happy Birthday, it was all over for the presents. The kids gathered around it and all wanted a turn making it sing.

Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate!

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