Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tanaka Farms 2017 - Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to Tanaka Farms!
Technically it's Fall, but you wouldn't know it based on the weather here. High 80s and no clouds in the sky. We'd originally planned to go to a pumpkin patch weeks ago, but the temps were in the high 90s!
A few of our neighbors took the 45 minute drive south with us.

Our timing was great this morning. We arrived just a few minutes before opening at 9am.
Nice shirts!

Apparently everyone else decided to spend their Sunday morning at the pumpkin patch too.

We were just at Disneyland yesterday. It was every bit as crowded here.

Oh boy. Someone got that kid a map.

Parking is free here. Entry is just $3. For $10 you can get entry, a wagon ride, and entrance to the petting zoo. Kids 2 and under were free.

Before it got too busy we decided to get the wagon ride in. We've got a whole family of Mickey and Minnie ghosts.

The wagon ride was a quick 10 minute drive around the perimeter of the farm. There's no narration or anything telling you what you're passing or anything like that. Just the driver beeping the horn a lot for some reason.

One of the stops is the pumpkin cannon, where they fire pumpkins over 100 yards into the hillside beyond.

Alli was not a fan of the loud blast of pressurized air that came when they launched a pumpkin.

Give us a nice big smile Ori.

Our next stop was the petting zoo.

Ever wonder what $500 worth of animal food looks like?
Animals will give you lots more attention if you have some.

Both Ian and Alli loved feeding the animals.

Gram keeping the food high and out of reach.

There were 3 different pens of animals, though they all had mostly the same kinds. The worker manning the gate was telling the kids how to hold their hand flat with food so the animals could eat it.
Ian - I know how to do it. I've done it before.

Hi baby goat.

Nice they have plenty of Purell available afterwards.

Let's check out the corn maze!

Follow me Gram.

I see you hiding in that corn Ian.

With Ian up high, we could see where we needed to go.

We found it! What's our prize?
T gave them some fruit snacks.

Hello Kitty was waiting for us at the center.

Drive us to the next stop kids!

Time for some U-Pick vegetables. Just $2.99 a pound for carrots, onions, or radishes, and $1.49 for a handful of cilantro.

These are a lot bigger than the ones we grow at home.

Nice carrot Alli.

Ian has a big bunch.

What's up doc.

Alli said "I have a carrot!"

"And a stick!"

Let's go check out the pumpkins!

Alli was intent on lifting this one. She kept trying different ways to deadlift it.

I like how they have lots of different photo opportunities here.

Before we go we've got to launch a pumpkin! $5 for one pumpkin, $8 for 2, or $10 for 3. I know Ian will do one. What about Alli?

Okay, maybe not Alli.

Good shot buddy!

Here's the video.

Ian gets lots of accolades for firing that pumpkin. Pop Pop showing how it exploded when it hit the ground.

Snack break!

One big group picture before we go.

Time to go.

Pick any pumpkin you want guys!

As crowded as it was getting it, it was even worse leaving. Every aisle had cars trying to leave and no one was moving.

Despite the heat and the crowds, we enjoyed our visit to the pumpkin patch. Next year it'd be great if the weather was a little cooler earlier in October so we could avoid some of these crowds!

And if you're wondering, yes, we did make the shirts ourselves!

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