Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall 2017 Dapper Day weekend - Monday

It's the last day of our Dapper weekend. I was really glad we extended it to Monday and didn't have to get everything ready to go during the middle of Dapper Day on Sunday.

Both Disneyland and DCA are opening relatively late today at 9am. Since the kids are usually awake earlier than that, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a nice sit-down breakfast at Steakhouse 55. I've only ever eaten here for breakfast, and every time it's been delicious. I really should try dinner here some time.

We were seated in a back cubby in a relatively empty dining room.

They didn't have kids activity pages, but they did offer the kids crayons and some menu pages, saying they could color on them.

I looked over the menu before coming, and I knew what I was getting. The savory and sweet Chicken and Waffle for $21. For the price, I was expecting a little bit bigger portion, but the flavor was delicious.

Theresa ordered the German Apple Pancake, with apple and lingonberry jam for $19. Inside the mesh bag was a half lemon. The pancake was enormous and from the bites T gave me, very tasty. The lingonberry jam was great and went quick. T asked for an extra side of it and received it complimentary.

Alli followed in my footsteps and got the kids Fried Chicken and Mickey Shaped Waffles for $9. It also came with a Mickey shaped watermelon.

Ian also ordered off the kids menu getting the Blueberry Mickey Shaped Pancakes (but it was really only 1 pancake), turkey bacon (which we substituted real bacon for), and watermelon for $9.

After a few minutes of not getting Ian's watermelon, we asked the server about it and they brought a small plate of it for the table.

Alli can't get enough watermelon.
At the end of the meal, T told me that this was the best meal we had on this trip. Even having Napa Rose take-out twice, I have to agree. The food here was fantastic. I need to make dinner reservations here sooner than later.

I was really hoping to get late checkout from the Grand Californian so we could go straight into the parks after breakfast. While we were at breakfast I called from my cell phone and asked if late checkout was available. Without asking my name or room number or anything, the operator said they were completely full and late checkout was impossible. Completely full on a Monday night at the beginning of November? I was a little disappointed they didn't even check.

After heading back to the room, getting all the bags packed, and then getting them picked up by the bellhop, we joined the long line of people waiting to get into DCA from the hotel entrance.

While we waited for our security screening, the kids enjoyed their bubble wands, and kept others around us entertained.

Oh Alli.

Little girl...

The day started, as usual, with a few trips around Toy Story Midway Mania.

Then I took the kids on Mickey's Fun Wheel, the swinging side!


Next, the Wazny's were waiting for us near the Ghirardelli chocolate shop. Ian hopped on the their stroller and everyone made their way to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ian got lots of attention from Katherine and Charlotte the entire time we were riding.

In the Collector's office.

While we were waiting for our transport.

And he even wanted to ride with them.

Me and Victoria rode next to each other.

Eventually I'll get him to take his hands off his ears.

Time to catch back up with Theresa. The three walked together over to Bugs Land to find her and Alli.

At this point it was time to say our goodbyes. Matt had to run all the way back to the Disneyland Hotel and get checked out of their room. Amy was taking the girls over to Screamin. Really good seeing you guys! Glad we got to hang out a bit. See you in March!

Since I got to go on a thrill ride with Ian, it was now Theresa's turn. They used fast passes to ride Radiator Springs Racers.

While I took Alli to Flik's Flyers in Bugs Land. It's started to get crowded here. It turned out to be a 20 minute wait to ride Flik's Flyers. Whenever she's on my shoulders, she likes to steal my sunglasses. Then she'll try to put them back on my face, with less than perfect results.

She had fun, despite the wait. It took us just as much time to ride Flik's Flyers as it did for Theresa to ride Racers.

Over in Disneyland there's a couple things we wanted to do before we leave.
Wow, that's new! It must have popped up overnight. It's amazing how much gets accomplished after hours at Disneyland.

One last ride on the Holiday Haunted Mansion before we go. Alli doesn't care for the entry lobby.

There's plenty of hidden Mickey's around.

There's a couple obvious ones on the gingerbread house.

Way back in 2011, when T and I visited Japan and went to Tokyo Disneyland, their version of the Holiday Haunted Mansion had a Mickey hidden in the snow on a rooftop.

Finally I found a hidden Mickey in a snow pile here in Anaheim!

I pointed it out to Theresa. Look! A hidden Mickey!

And she quickly found a brand new one I have never seen on top of a crypt. Nice work!

As you get off the ride, you pass Sally. Alli always makes sure to say goodbye, both to little Sally and to the moon. 

We're in the area. Better ride Splash Mountain with Ian.

Somehow T doesn't end up riding with Ian whenever he wants to go on Splash Mountain. Smart of her this time. I got especially wet.

Good thing she's greeting us with treats from Pooh Corner when we exit. Mmm, holiday treats. A candy cane marshmallow wand.

Time to head home. Back in the lobby of the Grand Californian, T grabbed everyone a gingerbread man to split while we waited for our car and luggage to arrive.

The kids relaxing by the fireplace one last time.

It was a fantastic vacation and we love celebrating Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort.

... but Disneyland isn't the only place that celebrates Dapper Day. Stay tuned.

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