Sunday, November 19, 2017

WDW Sunday Dapper Day at Epcot

Digging back into the archives and continuing an old trip report. Back in November our whole family went out to Florida to visit Disney World.
It's hard to believe that it was just a week ago Theresa, Ian, Alli, and I were celebrating Dapper Day at Disneyland. Now we're in Florida celebrating again! My family is recycling our costumes from last week, bounding as Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and a Little Green Man. Continuing the Pixar theme, Jacob came as the evil emperor Zurg, the sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance. My Mom and Dad are bounding as Luxo Jr and the Luxo Ball (Pixar Ball) from the Pixar Short Luxo Jr.

We met up with my folks in the lobby. It was my first chance at seeing their Dapper outfits, and I have to say they look great! The characters they're bounding as are a little obscure. My mom was excited when someone recognized the both of them!

From the hotel we took the ferry boat to the back Epcot entrance.

From there we met up with Jacob and Nicole inside the parks.

First things first, I wanted to make sure we got pictures out of the way before it gets too hot or something happens with the outfits. I'm sure one of these is going to make the yearly calendar.

That Zurg pin ties it all together.

I feel one of the best stops in Epcot is Club Cool where you can try different soda flavors from all over the world. Maybe that's just because I like trying all sorts of different food and drink flavors myself.

And it's fun to watch unsuspecting people try the bitter Italian soda Beverly for the first time.

Alli looking at the stickers for the Festival of Holidays booths we'll check out later today.
Hindsight being 20/20 it probably wasn't the best idea to fill her up with soda. She got into a coughing fit and suddenly we had a Code V on our hands. And not just on our hands, but on her clothes and mine too. Good thing we got our pictures out of the way early and planned on changing clothes anyway. Once all that got cleaned up, it was off to Norway for a Frozen Adventure.

This was a hard fastpass to acquire, and despite opening over a year ago it was my first time on it too.

There are parts of the ride that look great, like Elsa's ice palace. Though I'm not so sure about the projected faces. I'd prefer an animatronic face to a projected face.

It's Marshmallow and the snowgies!

Today also happens to be the first day of the Festival of Holidays at Epcot. With this big of a group I think we'll be able to sample a little bit of everything.

At Las Posadas we tried all three food offerings, including a Tostada de Tinga (crunchy taco and pretty tasty), Buñuelo Navideño (fried pastry with honey, cinnamon and brown sugar), and Tamal de Chilorio.

Next was the Feast of the Three Kings.

There was Shredded Pork with pickled green bananas, a shredded beef tamale, and some tasty Three Kings bread.

Everything was great for sharing.

From the Holiday Sweets and Treats booth, we split a Frozen S'mores dessert.

From the Canadian Yukon Pavilion we enjoyed a tasty Tourtiere (meat pie) with Canadian ketchup.

Continuing our walk around the nations of the world, we found ourselves in France.

Here we split a Buche de Noel Yule Log.

From the Japan pavilion we sampled pieces of a Cinnamon Mochi Cake.

Some of the best food I have ever tasted came from Italy, so I was excited to see what the Italian Pavilion had to offer. I love salami, but this "Fresh Italian Salami and Lentils" just tasted off. I couldn't finish it. Contrast that to the delicious Pasta in Parmesan and Pancetta, or the delicious Cinnamon Apple Fritters in vanilla sauce. So good.

Next was the German pavilion where we tried a tasty Cheese Fondue bread bowl.

Our final stop was the Refreshment Cool Post for a caramel filled pretzel with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

With full bellies, we were good to continue our day.

It's fun to do things we don't have at home. Like joining Nemo and friends for a trip under the sea.

And then getting an up-close look at a dolphin.

Right next door is one of Theresa's favorite rides. The Land! She loves all the growing and fruiting plants and wishes we had a bigger yard back home to grow things.

Loves it so much that we've taken the "Behind the Seeds" tour 3 times.

Perhaps she was inspired by the ride. Eating a cucumber and tomato salad immediately following.

One of our nightly songs we sing before bedtime is "One Little Spark". Ian got a kick out of seeing the ride that song was based on.

And then we enjoyed playing with all the toys in the Imageworks Pavilion.

Adding to my ever expanding hat collection.

Jacob and I took a quick break from the group to check out Mission Space.

Before we go, I wanted to make sure we got to ride in the Big Golf Ball.

That light field has me inspired for Christmas Lights. Have to go big!

It's starting to get colder, so the kids get dressed up in whatever clothes we can find. How about my white t-shirt for Alli. With just 10 minutes to go before the park closes, T thought we should try to get one more ride on Frozen Ever After.

We sprint walked our way from the front of the park to the Norway pavilion and were among the last of the guests who got to ride.

Hi Sven! And Olaf.

Alli made sure to hold on tight.

Exiting through the gift shop, Ian was drawn to Marshmallow.

And we enjoyed the tail end of the fireworks while we walked around the World Showcase lagoon.

From there it was a nice walk along the Boardwalk to the hotel.

It was a great time today! See you tomorrow!

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