Thursday, November 16, 2017

Traveling to Florida for Dapper Day

Time to head out on our next adventure. After having a fun Dapper Day at Disneyland just a couple weeks ago, the four of us headed to the airport to make our way out to Florida to celebrate Dapper Day out there too!

Gram and Pop Pop are joining us too! We're picking them up in Mississippi, so our travel is broken up into a few sections. First we're flying into Dallas and spending the night. The next morning, we'll driving to Mississippi. After a couple days there with family, we'll all drive to Orlando.

Leaving LAX. The pizza box between them made a great tray. They kept their snacks in there and munched their way through the entire flight while watching their iPads.

A quick hotel stop looking out at the city from the very top floor of the hotel. It had great big picture windows.

We've got snacks, drinks, and music. Everyone's all ready for a 7 hour drive to Mississippi.

Going through Louisiana, we stopped for lunch at a place that was well rated for their jambalaya. And the beignets were pretty tasty too!

It's Ruston!

The kids were really good for the drive. We made sure to take a few minutes every couple hours to stretch our legs. You're on the roof for this next leg Alli. Good?

All worn out.

They missed us driving through Flowers, Mississippi.

Alli really liked her bed at the next hotel. For fun, we threw all the pillows in there and the kids enjoyed their pillow fort.

Stopping off for ice cream.

Now that we have Pop Pop and Gram, we're ready to make the drive to Florida. Only 12 hours... Whew. Better get going.

It was a longgggg day of driving. The kids had fun playing 20 questions with Gram and Pop Pop, picking their favorite Disney characters, then Disney rides. When we stopped for dinner, it was great having someone who could run around and play with the kids.

And with that drive, Ian and Alli both get to add another state to their list. Check off Alabama now.

Whew. Long day. But everyone was happy to be at the hotel. Tomorrow Disney!

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