Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall 2017 Dapper Day weekend - Sunday

It's Dapper Day at Disneyland!

The kids are both looking cute in their outfits.

A couple pictures just as we enter the park from the Grand Californian entrance.

It's a little bit of a wet start to our Dapper Day.

A light drizzle fell on us for the first 20 minutes or so, and all the pathways were wet. Ian and Alli were both doing pretty good not splashing in the puddles.

After a quick stop into Starbucks for our morning coffee, the rain had stopped.
As our Dapper outfits this year, we're bounding at characters from Toy Story. We got a lot of positive comments about them. Even Alli whose character we thought might be a little obscure, was recognized by quite a few people.
T and I are dressed as Jessie and Woody. Ian is Buzz. Alli is one of the Aliens.

Cute photos by the photopass photographer.

DCA has Early Magic Hours, so we were able to get back into the park before it got too crowded. Another stop for a photo op over by the pier.

And here's our destination. Toy Story Midway Mania. No surprise there.

Being here before many other guests arrived, we were able to ride it 2-3 times back to back.

Alli rocking those upside-down glasses.

Inside the gift shop, we each posed with our characters.

Might have to get her one of those Aliens if she keeps liking him.

After a fun morning in DCA, it was time to head over to Disneyland.

There was quite the queue of other dapper groups getting their photos in front of the floral Mickey. We couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Time to use some of the fastpass reservations I made earlier in the day.

T took Alli over to ride Winnie the Pooh, while I took Ian over to Big Thunder Mountain. Have to make sure this boy keeps riding as many coasters as possible. While walking down the queue, I hear "Hey Joe!". It's Cassie and her niece! Looking good there Sarah.

Who says the petting zoo is gone from Disneyland? Ian was able to pet this baby BTM goat before boarding out train.

All set to go on the wildest ride in the wilderness.

Time for our next ride, and it's all the way on the other side of the park. Walking there with Ian on my shoulders there were a couple people I overheard saying "It's Buzz and Woody!" It is a cute pairing, isn't it.

Time for a brand new ride for this guy. We've conquered most of the other mountains, but Space Mountain has eluded us. No longer.

I requested the front row specifically so I'd have a decent photo of his first trip. Despite having his eyes closed, he claimed that he enjoyed it and wanted to ride it again. Perhaps another trip when I can get a fastpass again buddy.

While Ian and I were off in Space, Alli and T were battling Zurg.

Before we head back to DCA for lunch, I wanted to get some photos in front of the castle. The Wazny's were in the area too, and it was our first look at their Dapper outfits.
They're themed to classic Disney attractions. Amy with her amazing sewing skills made her dress from vintage fabric as an homage to Peter Pan. Matt is in league with the Pirates of the Caribbean. And Katherine has a Mad Tea Party look.

First the family photo.

And then the pictures together. We said our goodbyes knowing we'd be meeting back up shortly.

After picking up lunch in DCA, it was time for Alli to take a nap. I was on Alli-watch, while T took Ian back into the parks for more fun.

Once Alli finally woke up from her nap, we all headed out to the Disneyland Hotel pool to meet up with the Wazny's again. They rented a cabana and we had a standing invitation to join them.
Katherine and Ian hit it off immediately with her taking him over to the monorail slides and the hot tub. Charlotte and Alli had fun playing with Alli's bubble wand. Alli sure was getting a big kick out of it.

In years past, we've organized a group meal with some friends. Goofy's kitchen has been a favorite of ours lately, so I made reservations for that a few weeks in advance. Charlotte and Alli becoming good friends. They sat together at dinner and if Alli wanted more of anything from the buffet, Charlotte would run off and grab it for her.

Waiting in anticipation to meet with Goofy.

He's here!

Just the Flowers, the Waznys, and Jacob meeting up tonight, but we all had a good time.

The kids loved meeting all the characters that came around.

Ian didn't forget the part about spinning his napkin in the air whenever the characters were parading around.

Dessert time. Thanks Charlotte.

I don't know how everyone else felt, but I think $35 per person (after the AP discount) is a great deal for character dining and decent food.
Since T and I are trading turns watching the kids each night, it's my turn to go back into the parks while she puts the kids to sleep. Jacob and I enjoyed a few rides before calling it an early night around 10pm.
Not wanting to head back to the room quite yet, I grabbed a holiday coffee from Starbucks and enjoyed a relaxing time reading in front of the fireplace in the lobby of the Grand Californian. Aren't vacations great.

Even though tomorrow is Monday, T and I both took the day off work, just to stretch the weekend out a little further.

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