Sunday, February 10, 2019

Minnie's Valentine's Day Surprise Hunt at Disneyland

On a rainy Sunday, the Flowers headed to Disneyland to celebrate a couple things. First up, the girls are celebrating Valentines day with their princess hats with lots of hearts. Last weekend we were supposed to be here at Disneyland celebrating Lunar New Year and the Year of the Pig, but got rained out. Instead the boys are celebrating the year of the pig with pig hats this week. I'm wearing a Piglet hat from Tokyo Disneyland and Ian is wearing a Hamm hat also from Tokyo.
The photo pass cast member had us hold up our hands to spell out the word L-O-V-E.

Got to get a picture of the girls by themselves in front of the Minnie Mouse Valentine at the beginning of Main Street.

Very cute girls. Nice color coordination with your hats. Alli picked out her shirt today all by herself, because it was covered with hearts.

Here's how we're spending the first part of our day. Similar to the Easter Egg hunt, this year Minnie has hidden Valentines for different people around the resort. Our job is to go out and find them. The kids were ready and excited.

Here's our list to find. And once we find everything it will spell out a special Valentine message (according to the instructions here).

And the corresponding stickers. Once we fill it out, we can redeem it for a special prize.

"You can find me while you're window shopping on Main Street."
You Make My Dreams Come True. 

The kids were on top of it, finding Mickey Mouse and the letter L in the Jewelry Shop window.

Time to put on the sticker. The kids took turns putting the stickers on the sheet.

"Let's share a treat at the Candy Palace."
Sugar is Sweet, and So Are You!

Apparently Pluto wants to share a treat, along with the letter C.

The next location led us to Frontierland. Of the clues, one said "near the shooting gallery" and the other just said Frontierland.
The Dry Goods store is right across the walkway from the shooting gallery, but we figured this was the other one.

"You can pull my heart strings in Frontierland."
Everything Is Beautiful When Somebody Loves You.

Of course that saying goes along with Jessie.

Back on the other side of the walkway is the Shooting Gallery.

"Find me by yonder Shootin' Exposition."
Let's Have a Rootin' Tootin' Day!

Turns out it's closer to the Rancho del Zocalo.

You don't see Pecos Bill or Slue Foot Sue that often, do you. They're out for Valentines though.

"Let's share the enchantment at Fantasy Faire."
Friends Fur-Ever!

Both kids were fast finding the valentine for Figaro.

It's been raining off and on all day and on our way to Tomorrowland it started up again. Despite that, Ian was able to pick out the next Valentine all the way from the Astro Orbitor entrance.

"Find me where we can have a hyperspace experience."
I'll always be your true blue friend.

Hi Stitch!

"Come fly with me near Alien Pizza Planet."
You're Out Of This World!

"Where we can explore a subaquatic world together."
Be Mine! Mine! Mine!

No surprise they're the Finding Nemo seagulls.

On our way into Fantasyland, I wasn't even looking for Valentines, but Ian was.
Ian - There's one right there! Behind the Cheshire cat!

"Find me near the biggest smile in Fantasyland."
Have a Purr-fect Day!

I'd mentioned in an earlier post that I'd bought an AP refillable popcorn bucket. The best popcorn in the entire park is at this stand in Fantasyland, so we had to get a refill.

And another refill near it's a small world.

"As you ride your favorite carrousel pony..."
Throw Me A Kiss!

Why, it's Mister Toad.

The rain was keeping the lines pretty short so far. The kids were at the very front of the line for the carrousel. Think they're going to run to ride Jingles?
Nope, they've got their own favorite horses.
Ian likes this horse because we think he's the Disneyland Horse. He's got a Disney D on his chest.

And Alli heads straight for this pink and purple horse.

In New Orleans Square, first we circled the buildings. I know where they hide Easter Eggs so we tried those spots first. No luck there, so we better keep looking.

Alli found it!

"I'll greet you with a kiss in New Orleans Square."
You Make My Heart Jump For Joy!

Hi Tiana. According to the cast members at the Redemption Center, this was the one that gave people the most difficulty in finding. Nice job finding it Alli!

Critter Country holds our last valentine. We didn't see it on the walk in, but since we're here, let's go on the ride that's associated with my hat. Winnie the Pooh!

We didn't see it near Pooh Corner so we headed back to the front of Critter Country. And look what we found!

"Find me in the backwoods of Critter Country."
Hoo! Hoo! My Heart Bounces for You!

Got the last sticker!

And we're done! Nice work kids!

And our special message is "Love The Magic"
Huh. Well it's a message.

Back at the front of the park it's time to get our special surprise.

Choices are either a blue valentine box or a yellow valentine box. Inside are 6 Valentines that are smaller versions of the ones we found. If you want all 12, you'll need to purchase 2 game boards

The kids were happy with their prize.

I'm glad Disney does these special scavenger hunts. They're a fun new way to explore the park. The kids can't wait for Easter to do the egg hunt now!


  1. Sharp eyes Ian & Alli (you certainly don't need any glasses!)...Good job little detectives! Alli is "so perfectly pink" in that hat and jacket. What a fun scavenger hunt for a family activity. Thanks for sharing. EOM

    1. I'm amazed at times with how well the kids do certain things.
      After we got home, she continued to wear that hat around the house. The girl loves pink.