Wednesday, March 20, 2019

International Cookie Taste Test

Jacob recently took a trip into Mexico and came back with a couple new cookies for us to try. Theresa and I went to the Asian market over the weekend and picked up cookies of our own. Combine them all and we've got an international cookie taste test. The kids were excited.

Our tasty treats for today.

First up were these Chokis clasica chocolate chip cookies from Mexico.
They were light and crunchy and out of all the cookies we tried, they were the favorite of Jacob and I.

Next up, were Chokis Chocobase. It's the same cookies as above but with a layer of chocolate on the bottom.

Any guesses on who liked these cookies best?
Closing her eyes and savoring the flavor.

Yep, she loved them.

While traveling Japan, we loved these little sleeves of cookies. There were literally dozens of varieties available. Today we're trying these mini chocolate cookies filled with creme. They're yummy and they're Theresa's favorite out of the four.

Last up are these Japanese Pocky Sticks. The regular Pocky sticks were our favorite during our travels. Today we have the cookies and cream flavor.
And... if we didn't know what was on the package, we would have sworn these were a different flavor. Jacob, Theresa, and Ian all tasted a strong fruity flavor, kinda like they mixed the flavoring of the strawberry Pocky with this one. It was odd, but it was Ian's favorite for the night.

Thanks for the treats Jacob! They were tasty!


  1. Mmmmmm...the "proper" way to savor a delicious cookie...gotta love that picture! Wonder if the mini chocolate cookies tasted like oreos...wonder why the Pocky Cookies & Cream tasted so "unexpected." What a fun international cookie-tasting test! Sweet way to end a meal :-) P.S. All those sweet tastings made me think of a place in Chinatown. If you're ever in Chinatown try to stop by "Queen's Bakery" on N. Broadway (a small "mom & pop" place. You can do a search on it.) and try a fresh box of "rice puffs" (but it's not made of rice puffs despite the name; they sort of look like an asian version of rice krispies). That treat is sooooooo good. You'll have to ask for it because it's not usually displayed in the pastry case.) EOM

    1. They did taste a lot like Oreos. Texture was similar too.
      I don't get over to Chinatown often, but I'll have to remember that the next time I do. Thanks for the tip.