Saturday, March 23, 2019

Wonder Park

Let's go to the movies!
Wonder Park (Wonderland) is in theaters and it looked cute. On Saturday morning, I took the kids.

The kids loved it, and so did I. It's about an imaginative girl who creates an amusement park filled with fantastical rides. Merry-go-rounds with flying fish, bendy straw slides, a fireworks mountain, and more.

The thing I loved about it is that it inspired the kids to be imaginative themselves. After the movie, we talked about what kinds of rides they would make.

Alli started us out with a roller coaster made out of cardboard and bricks.

Ian wanted to make a slide out of jelly, that you could also eat! Now you're thinking.

"What about a fun wheel, but where you're sitting in slime?" said Alli. Ooh, what would you call it? "The Slime Wheel!" Very nice Alli.

"How about a ferris wheel where you're sitting on a cloud?" asked Ian. I like it.

Next we collaborated on a ride where it's like you're in space. You're weightless, and as you're flying you go by planets, stars, and moons, and they all light up. And the riders can change the color of their spaceship to be whatever they want, so people always get their favorite color.
Alli - But I want Pink and Purple.
Ian - Okay, you can make it two colors if you want to.

That made the movie totally worth it for me. Keep those creative minds going!


  1. Cute imagination! A good thing about imagination is the ability to change something on the fly if it's not "creative" enough, such as two colors instead of only one :-) Yes, keep those imaginative, creative minds flowing (future imagineer, maybe!)!! EOM

    1. You never know. I'm pushing for a jack-of-all-trades kind of learning right now. Expose them to everything and see what sticks. And of course push the creativity.