Monday, March 25, 2019

Mickey's 90th Birthday Celebration Cake at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

In celebration of Mickey's 90th birthday, a giant cake showed up in the lobby of the Disney's Grand Californian Hotel sometime around March 21st. The Disney bakers have been keeping busy! There was a giant Halloween Pump-"cake" patch in October. And of course the now traditional "Grand" Gingerbread house for Christmas.
Though this is the smallest of the bunch, I'd say it's the cutest. In the following pictures we'll look at all the details.

Should you want to make your own celebration cake, you'll need

  • 250 Pounds of Rice Cereal
  • 120 Pounds of Marshmallows
  • 40 Pounds of Butter
  • 240 Pounds of Fondant
  • 90 Pounds of White Chocolate
  • 1 Pound of Pixie Dust
  • 90 Hidden Mickeys

Wait... 90 Hidden Mickeys!!! That's crazy!
I made a post showing the locations of all 13 Hidden Mickeys on the Halloween Pump-"cake" Patch.
And then another with the locations of all 25 Hidden Mickeys on the "Grand" Gingerbread House.
But 90 Hidden Mickeys. You're on your own.

To aid in your quest though, I'll change up the photos a little bit. Normally I limit the size of the photos on my site to help everything load faster. This time though, I'll post them at nearly double the resolution so you can pick out the fine details. Just click on the photo for the larger version.

Let's take a walk around the cake first. From the right side.

From the back.

And the left.

With 90 Mickeys the kids were finding them everywhere.

I love how the cake is covered in all these small treats recreated in fondant.

Look at that awesome Mickey waffle. It even has the imperfect edge you get when you make them for real. I can see at least 2 Hidden Mickeys here. One in the Minnie bow and another below the yellow ribbon curl.

The other recurring Hidden Mickeys showed up in the form of small fondant Mickeys that were the same color as what they're on top of.

What about the center of these flowers.

Over to the back.

Did you see the Mickeys in the center of Pluto's paw prints?

Or what about those mini chocolate chips in the chocolate truffle?

At least 4 I can find here. A chocolate chip in the cookie dough ice cream, an impression in the orange bowl, a red Mickey on the macaron, and a yellow Mickey on the Pluto cake.

Such cute treats, some of which that can now be found at the newly re-opened White Water Snacks quick-service grab 'n' go restaurant.

The kids get really into the Mickeys, and they remember from the last two times that you're never really done until you go up to the 2nd level and look down from the top.

And from the top you get a better view of the Mickey cherries and Mickey whipped cream.

Have you gone to see the new cake? Which Mickeys were your favorite?


  1. Beautiful, colorful photos of the whimsical cake!! You caught so many of the details (and the enlargement option was really helpful for that "2nd floor view" of the whipped cream Mickey since I couldn't make it out initially with the regular-sized photo). The fondant "treat" creations are just fantastic and so much detail, like that Mickey waffle "rough edge"! Being a "chocolate" person that chocolate truffle with the Mickey mini chip had to be my looked so rich and chocolaty, as if beckoning to be eaten right then! Even though it wasn't chocolate, the flower petals looked so delicate that the embedded Mickey center made Mickey appear very delicate, in stark contrast to the boldness and brightness exuded by the entire cake creation. Thanks for the wonderful cake tour! EOM

    1. Now I'm going to have to head over to White Water Snacks to see what options they have. That was pretty good advertisement for them.