Friday, March 29, 2019

A Spring Break Trip to Florida - Days at the House

It's Spring Break so we're headed to Florida! And we're meeting all of our Michigan family there!
We spent a fantastic 8 days there, and you'd think we'd be at Walt Disney World a lot, but actually we spent more time at the rental house having fun with each other. Of the 8 days, only 2 were at WDW. Let's go!

Southwest gave us a nice little scare 5 days before our trip. A text at 7am Sunday morning "Your flight is cancelled." Yikes! Theresa was quick to move everyone's flights around, but seats were hard to come by (it is Spring Break after all). Instead of flying out with Grammy and Grandpa, they're on a flight a few hours earlier and we'll meet up in Orlando.

Thankfully we've got the travel thing down. The kids are really good on the plane and can entertain themselves for as long as we need them to.

Because of the 3 hour time difference and all the flying, it was late by the time everyone got to Orlando. A quick dinner and it was time for bed.

We don't have nearly this many pillows on the bed at home.

The next morning you know what the kids were really wanting to do, right? A very good portion of that 6 days at the house was spent out here in the pool.


And there was a bin full of pool toys that previous renters had left behind.

The kids still enjoy being thrown into the air.

And it's not as easy as it was before, but Ian can still do it. It's a little bit harder on me though since he's a lot heavier.

And now the float vest is off. We're learning some swimming skills. He really wants to learn how to swim without it.

And because Ian is doing it, Alli wants to learn too.

Time for a pool noodle fight!

I thought it would be the kids who would be bearing the brunt of it, but no. My face was perfectly in line with Ian's noodle and I got whacked repeatedly.

Another nice feature of the house is the full-sized kitchen as well as the fridge and freezer. It's nice to have an aunt that thinks popsicles are a food group. The freezer was well stocked.

There's lots of these kinds of pictures and I don't think I even got them all.

The other nice feature of the house is a garage that is converted into a game room.

Alli is "helping".

Oh boy. They've got an arcade cabinet here too. Ian was a Centipede addict this trip. He wasn't too bad either, getting his name on the High Score screen multiple times.

Round 1. Fight!

Love you!

Another ice cream?

Mmm. Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwiches.

And with a bunch of people in the house there's usually someone with a snack who is willing to share.

It's fun playing in the pool with the cousins.


Aubrey found a giant flamingo blow-up toy in the bin of pool toys.

Let's see how well this turns out.

Oh Alli. I think all that time in the pool has been a bit rough on her fingers.

The solution when she's out of the water.

The other great thing about the rental house is the water park that's included. There's a giant pool, but the thing the kids liked most was the water playground.

And the water slides.

This boy must have gone down them 20 times. Nice to have short lines.

I had to try them out a few times too.

Working on those swimming skills.

Taking a break from the house and hitting the driving range.

T getting some lessons.

More popsicles?

For hanging out with family, the rental house has been ideal for our Spring Break vacations.

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  1. Wow...What a great rental house and amenities for Spring Break vacations! Having the pool, nearby water park w/ slides, nearby golf range, personal game room, and a big fridge and freezer for all those treat breaks (those chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches looked really yummy!) Ouch...all those noodle whacks when you're just the "bystander". Great one arm hold w/ Ian standing steady (looks like shades of Hercules, your favorite!)...wouldn't be surprised to see Alli trying to do Ian's pose, too. Those Mickey bed spread covers look wonderful...makes you think of Disney magic w/o even having to visit WDW. Was it the chlorine or some pool chemical that caused Alli's red/blistered fingers? That looked painful :-( Another great, memory-making family Spring Break time!!! (P.S. On another topic, just read how the gondola ride at Tokyo Disney Sea puts the one in Italy to shame...perfect magic at dusk!) EOM