Sunday, June 23, 2019

2019 Pasadena Chalk Festival murals

There were 200+ murals at the Pasadena Chalk Festival with over 600 artists. Presented here, mostly without comment are a bunch of pictures I took.

Shaina Joel putting the finishing touches on Iron Man.

Kurt Cobain.
Winner - Most Colorful

Winner of the People's Choice Award.

Winner - On the way to MOCA

Winner - Best Technique

Winner - Best 3D effect

Winner - Most Humorous
Jeff Gold"bloom"

Winner - Best Rendition of a Masterpiece

Winner - Best in Festival

Winner - 3rd Best in Festival

Winner - Best in Chalk of Fame

I thought this one was very colorful.

It's Max! Love it!


  1. Thanks for capturing and sharing so many of the wonderful artworks...a lot of sweat and hours behind all those murals...the 3-D one is always amazing...Disney-related ones are always fun for the Disney fans! Great 2019 festival...Congratulations, again (just love how those rich colors pop out to showcase the wonderful subject matter :-) !) EOM

    1. You have Alli to thank for so many of those. With her "take a picture of that one" over and over again.
      And yes, so many hours go into each of these murals. It's great that so many artists are willing to donate their time to participate.

  2. Hi Joe,
    Can I contact you about purchasing some of these images?


    1. Purchasing the jpgs? Sure.
      Shoot me a comment with your contact info. I'll just make sure not to publish it.