Friday, June 7, 2019

Happy National Donut Day!

You know we can't just let a day like this pass by without celebrating it somehow, right?

Alli was still asleep when I left for work, but Ian was up, and we both had a mini donut.

And when Alli woke up they both enjoyed them.

I told Grammy that I was hoping for a picture of them with powdered sugar all over their faces. I think she might have "helped" them to get powdered sugar everywhere... They might be messy, but they're not that messy.

I bring plenty of snacks in for the people in the office so I can't let donut day go by unnoticed at work either. Two dozen donuts and two dozen donut holes kept people happy all day.

And I made sure to bring a couple special ones home for the kids too. Red, White and Blue for Ian. Pink for Alli. Ian asked why they don't make any donuts with his favorite color (gold) on them.


Take a picture of my sticker daddy.

Did you celebrate National Donut Day?
What's your favorite donut? Maple Bars all the way with Coconut donuts not far behind!


  1. Didn't personally celebrate National Donut Day but did hear about it, especially the 2nd annual LA Donut festival at LA Union Station (lots of donut vendors and varieties)...that must have been quite a sight and sweet-smelling place. Hard to pick a favorite donut, but usually lean towards the lemon-filled ones coated w/ powdered sugar. If that's not available, maple bars or bear claws will do nicely. What a thoughtful gesture to bring all those donuts and donut holes to work...the co-workers must have been "sugar-energized" all day to work extra hard :-) Too bad Ian's favorite color isn't usually found on donuts (maybe Disneyland will one day have a "gold" one as part of their donut creations!) EOM

    1. Interesting. I didn't know about the donut festival. Might need to check it out in a future year. Those powdered sugar ones get so messy! Almost as bad as beignets!
      I wouldn't put it past Disneyland to make a gold one. Back when they celebrated their 50th I don't think they were so crazy into the accompanying food like they are now.