Sunday, June 9, 2019

Finally! A Disneyland visit!

Seriously, it's been 6 weeks since we were at Disneyland. It's been so long that perhaps we're going to need a map. Today we're starting over in California Adventure to get a bunch of rides in. And maybe even a couple brand new rides...

First up is Mater with only a 5 minute wait! We have been chosen!

Ian hasn't changed a bit and darted right over to the green-eyed baby tractor.

Then it was over to Luigi and his cousins from Carsoli to do a little dancing.

Only a 10 minute wait. Loving these short wait times.

Alli - Daddy, do you see any pink or purple ones?
That's the closest one they've got Alli.
Good enough for her. She ran over to the pinkish one.

Alli - BB8 likes spinning.

As we were getting off, Cruz Ramirez was right there greeting guests. We ran over for a picture.

Time for a new ride! Jessie's Critter Carousel took a long time to finally get here.

Alli immediately decided on the pink bunny. We were very luck it was still available when we got on.

While T took Alli over to the Jumping Jellyfish, I took Ian on the swings.

Swap kids!

Time for another brand new ride! Alli is 42" tall and can now go on a few more rides! One of those rides is Goofy's Sky School!

Alli - I'm so excited!

The ride was just as jerky and crazy as it usually is.

Alli has decided that Goofy is definitely not a good driver.

Time to head over to Toy Story Midway Mania and use our Fastpasses.

We should be really good today since our arms are so well rested.

Huh. Who knew that Midway Mania runs on a copy of Windows that needs activation and has its date set at Sept 2014?

We got score (and decent ones too) but no prizes! Theresa suggested that all the prizes have gone over to Jessie's Carousel.

Lunch time! Bread from the bakery, chicken from the mexican restaurant, and white nectarines from the farmer's market. Mmm. A tasty lunch.

And it's tradition to feed the ducks all their leftover crusts.

And it's springtime, so there's lots of baby ducklings around! Aww.

Well it's been a fun time in DCA and we got lots of fun rides in. Now it's time for Disneyland where we've got something special coming up.

It's Star Wars! Our reservations to visit the Galaxy's Edge Black Spire Outpost have come up! Let's go check it out!


  1. Yaaaaaaay...DCA and Disneyland! Despite the elapsed time, the "old" favorites aren't forgotten (e.g., certain color "eyes" on the truck, anything "pink" to ride, and the biggie: feed the ducks!) Alli is getting tall fast...and she has quite a repertoire of poses/expressions for the camera, too :-)..."Goofy is definitely NOT a good driver" (lol)! That faraway, strange planet beckons now...... EOM

    1. It's been so long since we've been there. And yes they seem to remember everything. Ian has been so hard to get to look into the camera. I'm glad Alli at least is better at it.