Saturday, June 8, 2019

Practicing for the 2019 Pasadena Chalk Festival

Normally we wouldn't wait nearly this long to practice for the Pasadena Chalk Festival, but things got busy and now we've only got a week to go! The chalk festival is always on Father's Day weekend!

Ruston, Jacob, Theresa and I have been attending since 2011, but back in 2015 Ruston and I decided to stop being attendees and start participating ourselves!
2015 - Ducktales (Winner - Best New Artists)
2016 - The Iron Giant
2017 - The Jungle Cruise
2018 - Herbie (Winner - Most Humorous)

This year we're keeping with the Disney Theme and making a very colorful castle.
Before the event, we like to get together and do a 1/4 scale drawing to get a feel for how to do everything again, and see where we might run into challenges when the big day comes.

And one of the things I learned is that I need better support for my time-lapse camera, so it's not moving all over the place while I'm trying to film.

As luck would have it, Sam's Club has their big boxes of chalk on clearance right now, so the kids should be set for the summer.

First we get a base-coat down.

We're outlining our drawing and tracing the lines.

The kids are all set up to do theirs too.

Ian is also doing a castle.

Alli is doing more freeform.

The outline is successfully down. Lesson for next time, use a lighter color chalk. The black shows through too much and also gets mixed in with the colors that we put down, making them darker.

Our color guide this year. This might be the most colors we've ever used, so we've got to keep everything straight.

Wow. The kids are almost done and we haven't even started yet.

A work in progress.

Success! The kids like to pull up the tape lines.

Looks pretty good to me. Very colorful and vibrant.

Let's hope everything goes as smooth next week.

Looks great Alli.

Ian made his own Dizny castle, complete with fireworks.

And he wanted to show off his other drawing skills too. Here's Mickey Mouse.

Without the shadow.

And Alli drew Minnie and Mickey.

Good job Alli.

Look for us next Saturday and Sunday at the Pasadena Chalk Festival!


  1. AMAZING...truly amazing!!!!!! The "practice" one looks GREAT! Those colors are so rich and vibrant...and being showcased on a great art subject, Disneyland! So much fun for Ian and Alli to have their very own special, taped-off section to do their chalk art, too. I thought I'd "quickly" browse the other years just to "see the finished product." But I got caught up in the "rookie year"...initial excitement and hope, then discouragement and trials, then newfound hope and encouragement, and then ELATION as "Best New Artists!". This then enticed me to view the other years...Some chuckles on the 2017 Adventureland year...all those "jungle cruise" jokes :-)...Quite a story on how Ruston decided to go back for the 2018 awards ceremony. I really like the "getting into the spirit" aspect where the two of you donned those various hats and "outfits" hats, jungle cruise guide wear, and the car racing/mechanic uniforms (that must have gotten hot/uncomfortable at times) The time lapse videos are really fun to watch, despite not capturing the sweltering conditions, sore muscles, dripping sweat, and exhaustion :-) The entire effort is truly a labor of love! Best of everything to you two next weekend (hope it's not too hot, either)! EOM

    1. Thanks! It's definitely a fun subject. And it connects to so many people.
      Ian and Alli definitely want to be involved, and they're already asking me how old they have to be to participate. It's 16 to have their own mural space. They could join me now and "help" out, but I don't think they'd enjoy the long hours and the tough weather conditions.
      Yes, the costumes can get hot and uncomfortable, but they are memorable and they make people smile.