Saturday, September 14, 2013

Baby Boy Flowers' baby shower!

We're celebrating Baby Flowers! We're only 2 months away now!
Lacey Baker graciously offered to throw Theresa a baby shower and even to host it at her house.

The invitations Lacey sent out.

Greeting everyone at the door was this bib and socks. Love it!

For a previous baby shower Theresa had attended one of the activities was cutting out iron-on transfers to go on onesies for the baby. Theresa thought they looked great, but was worried the smaller pieces might come off easily and be swallowed. Lacey remembered that and asked Jonathan's mom Sarah Baker to sew designs onto these onesies instead of doing iron-ons. 

So we've got 5 awesome shirt and tie combos for the little man.

The main dessert table

With an awesome cake from Nothing Bundt Cake, one of Theresa's favorites!

Rita and Amy flew all the way from Michigan to celebrate. 

Along with their daughters Aubrey and Abby.

My mother Sheila flew out from Virginia to celebrate, and Theresa's mom Chi also came from Michigan.

Even Lacey's mom Marie flew down from Northern California to help out!

 Instead of a card, Theresa asked her guests to bring a children's book. It worked out great and we got lots of fun books! Those who brought a book were entered into a raffle for a prize!

There was so much amazing food! A giant fruit platter.

A huge fruit tray

Croissant sandwiches

Pasta salad

And Marie Fortier stayed up and made snickerdoodles the night before.

I guess it was pretty good.

Let's meet our photographers for the event. Aubrey who just bought her first DSLR a month ago.

And Abby who will also be taking candids throughout the event.

It was quite a turnout.

One of Lacey's first games was a Disney trivia game. Knowing Theresa that's her kind of game!

How many can you answer?
The big winner with 9 correct was Nicole! Congratulations!

The next event was a memory game where you looked at a basket of 20 different baby items for 20 seconds and then had to write down as many as you could remember. Rita was the big winner for this one.

Some of the prizes given out.

The baby boy's room is going to be decorated in Disney paintings, but he'll be coming in 2 months and we've got quite a few paintings still to finish. We enlisted the help of anyone who was willing to work on them.

Theresa was happy for the help!

T with Shannon and Nicole

Time to open presents!

And there's quite a stack of them.

First up from Chi and Richard were two handmade crocheted blankets.

Along with a crib mattress, sheets, bedding, and two more baby books.

Shannon gave us our first box of Pampers plus two more baby books.

Ruth and Brian gave a Target gift card, dishwasher basket, a drying rack, and more!

Bea and Bryan's present was a cute jacket plus a Target gift card. 

Abby bought us two sleeping outfits.

And Aubrey got us a really cute Mickey Mouse onesie and Dr Seuss book. 

Lacey's youngest sister Jamie sent along a handmade crocheted blanket.

And Lacey's mom Marie gave us a toy tower and wood puzzles.

And a handmade giraffe blanket. 

Steph and Farman couldn't make the shower, but they sent along some Dr Seuss books and a baby snot sucker.

Eliza, who is totally into knitting, hand dyed the yarn and made a sweater for the new boy.

And Jill got a baby bathing tub, hooded towels, lotion and baby wash.

Grace and Gene bought us some burpy bibs, food bibs, and receiving blankets.

Lacey and Alon got us a cute onesie and some books.

From Rita, Tyler, Amy and Donald, we received a baby carrier and diaper bag.

And from my mom and dad, Sheila and Mickey, we got a great stroller that will hold the baby's car seats, and a stack of books.

After all the presents, it was time for dessert.

Enjoying the delicious bundt cakes and other goodies.

The aftermath.

With all the activities finished some worked on the paintings some more. Everyone who helped signed the frame, so in the future Baby Boy will know who helped decorate his room.

The raffle jar for everyone who brought books. the big winner was Sheila.

As party favors, Lacey gave out jars of honey.

A huge thanks to Lacey Baker for hosting and organizing such a great baby shower! Thanks also to Rita, Marie and Jonathan for all the help and support they gave Lacey while she was pulling everything together.

Once everyone got home we opened some of presents that had come in the mail or from people from work.
Zucely, Gabriel and Andy gave us some really nice dressy 3-piece outfits and shoes, plus a big stack of Baby Einstein books.

Jessica, Jon, and the rest of the family sent some wooden teethers, plus a stack of books, including one of Jess' favorite books, St. George and Dragon.

Nicole gave us a really cute Winnie the Pooh hat and booties, monkey PJs, and some fun kids books.

And Lindsey, Mike, and Macy sent a super soft Mickey blanket, giraffe outfits, moccasins, and a bath book.

As soon as she heard we were expecting, my Aunt Ida got a matching white hat, booties and blankets made just for the new boy.

My Mom and Dad had something that I got to open, a few onesies and a hat with puppies on them. Cute!

Kelly and Sean from Arizona were out visiting earlier in the week and gave us an awesome Mickey and Pluto mobile for the crib and a mini Duffy!

And not pictured but still definitely appreciated, a Target gift card from Becky, Todd and family from Michigan. Thank You!

We're so blessed to have such great friends! Thank you all!


  1. for a second I thought a snot sucker was some kind of Disney candy :P Sorry we missed it! Your present is in the mail today. Hope the next two months fly by!

    1. I'm not so sure about that snot sucker either. It totally looks like a straw you use so suck out snot... Eww.