Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Boy Flowers in 4D!

We finally got to see Baby Boy Flowers in 3D!

After having everyone out for the baby shower last week, Baby Boy was hiding and not showing his face. 
The last time everyone was trying to see him, this is all we got to see. One ear. It was a cute ear, but we were hoping for a bit more.

So we were overjoyed when 5 days later at our makeup appointment he had flipped over and this was the very first image we got to see! He's facing us and he's really active! Maybe it was the cherry ICEE Theresa had on the way over. 

There's no audio to go with it, but I've annotated it in a few places with what you're seeing. He has his hands all over his face, yawns, sticks his tongue out, and even gets the hiccups.

And here are a few still shots from the video.
Looks like we've got a thumb sucker!

And he really likes to stick his tongue out.

I'm hoping this means he'll be a good nurser. He's already trying to suck on the placenta.

And he finished everything off with a nice big smile for us.

Love you Baby Boy! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


  1. The video ate up all our bandwidth - but it was SO worth it. Beautiful, just beautiful. The preview was great and we can't wait to see the coming attraction! Love you all, Mom and Dad

    1. I wish he would have been active while you were out here to see it, but at least we have the video that you can watch whenever.