Sunday, September 29, 2013

Painting Day at the Flowers'

What's it been? A year? Yep, we sure did wait quite a while to schedule the next painting day? After sending out the invite, we got 15 people who decided to come!

Most people knew what they wanted to paint, so a week ahead of time Theresa and I went to Dick Blick and picked up a few canvases.

Before anyone comes over though there's a bit of prep work. Every canvas needs to be pre-painted white first. I can usually fit 5-6 canvases on the kitchen table, so I like to do a bunch of them all at once.

There's quite a few colors available for people to choose from.

To start, I use a projector to put the image on the canvas. From there, I trace all the lines in pencil and then go fill everything in with paint.

Mike decided to do a Star Wars painting this year.

And Janet went with a Family Guy theme.

Eliza and Chris are painting Wall-E for Jackson's room.

Theresa stuffed us with burritos, tacos and nachos for lunch. It was delicious!

It was a beautiful sunny day in Redondo Beach. The sun was shining, there were blue skies, and there was a slight breeze. We put up 3 pop-up tents and a few folding tables in the driveway and turned on some Disney music in the background. Time to start painting!

After a year in hibernation, Ruston's Wall-E is finally back out. I think he'll finally be finished today.

Mike thinking "What did I get myself into." He's got a bit of work to do on R2D2.

Lacey is helping us with a painting for Baby Boy Flowers' room while Shannon is working on a Chip and Dale painting for her room.

Jacob is also doing a painting for the baby's room. I like that bright pink color for Eeyore.

Larry and Susie are painting Tigger and Pooh.

We've got quite the crowd here today. I think next time we might even need a few more folding tables and chairs.

Making some good progress on Wall-E.

And Nicole is doing a nice job on her Mickey and Minnie painting.

It was just an awesome afternoon hanging out with friends and painting.

Chris and Jack watching Janet working on her Super Hero Family Guy painting.

Jackson had fun playing with toys and having his dad chase him around all day.

Theresa finally working on Lady and the Tramp. Another painting that hasn't been touched in a year.

Let's see some finished paintings!
Ruston finished Wall-E! He looks great!

And nice job Jacob on Eeyore.

Susie finished Pooh in less than 4 hours! Larry is making some good progress on Tigger.

At 6:30 we all took a break for dinner. Theresa and I made spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. It was pretty well received and most people got seconds, even Jackson!

It wasn't too much longer before the sun went down and it was just too dark to do anything else. So let's see where everyone ended up. Ruston and Jacob helped out with the grey on a few more of Baby Boy's pictures.

Mike got quite a bit finished on R2D2.

That Family Guy painting of Janet's is going to look awesome when she finishes the black.

And I'm sure Jackson will love having Wall-E in his room.

For starting late, Nicole made some great progress on Mickey and Minnie.

And Shannon's Chip and Dale will look great once she finished the black.

The super meticulous Theresa finally finished the grey for Lady and the Tramp and started the black. Let's hope it doesn't take another year to finish.

And I made some good progress on Mickey and Pluto. 

Nice work everyone! Hope you all had fun!

Once people finish their paintings and send me pictures, I'll put them down here.

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