Friday, September 6, 2013

Lay's Chicken and Waffles potato chips

Walking through Target, what do I happen to come across? A new offering from the good folks at Lay's. Chicken and Waffle flavored potato chips!
You can see the shock on my face when I saw them. These must be tasted!

Back in the summer of 2012, Lay's started the "Do Us A Flavor" contest requesting submissions for interesting and unique flavors. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2012 where the three finalists were announced. Chicken and Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha. Each of these three flavors was created and shipped to stores in February 2013.
What's taken so long for me to find them then?!?

So, what do they taste like? The most dominant flavor is maple syrup along with hints of fried chicken. They're a combination of sweet and savory and I think they're pretty delicious.

If you happen to see them in a store near you, I suggest giving them a try!

Back to the contest, out of the three flavors, the Cheesy Garlic Bread was chosen as the overall contest winner. Now I know which flavor I'm going to have to try next!

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  1. weird, I thought I posted a comment on my phone but it must not have gone through - These were at King Soopers a while back and I found all but the cheesy garlic bread. The Sriracha was decent, but just another spicy chip to us. The Chix/Waffles had a strong taste of syrup but we couldn't really taste the chicken. And no matter which store we went to, we couldn't find the Garlic bread! :(

    Then a few weeks ago, on an endcap, it was there. It said that it was the winner....but the other two flavors were right underneath it. Weird. But I finally got to try it and I have to say that I'm glad it's the winner! I'll buy another bag as soon as this one is empty.