Monday, September 16, 2013

Everyone comes to visit for the baby shower

We had lots of people come out for the baby shower for Baby Boy Flowers. Theresa's parents, my parents, her sister, sister-in-law, and their girls came out to celebrate.

It was great having the whole family around. All the little projects around the house that have been put off finally got done! Things like restaining the fence, building a shed, installing a new dishwasher, and more. Chi and Sheila completely cleaned up the inside of the house, re-organizing all our cabinets and shelves, and steam cleaning the carpet.

Installing a new cabinet in the bathroom.

With the two nieces, who are aspiring volleyball stars, you just knew we'd be practicing. Of course to start, we just practiced spinning the ball.

She could be in the circus.

But eventually we got outside and practiced for real.

Aubrey and I even beat our old record. We made it up to 136 bumps back and forth before messing up.

And later the girls enjoyed the hot tub.

As a special surprise for everyone who came out to visit, T and I scheduled a 4D ultrasound so everyone could get an early look at the baby boy.

We didn't tell them ahead of time and I think everyone was excited when they found out.

The room can hold up to 12 people and everything from the ultrasound is replayed on a big flat screen TV with couches and chairs around it. Everyone gathered around and was anxious to see the baby!

But the baby boy was having none of that. He was head down, face down, and hiding from the ultrasound. We tried to wake him up and have him spin over but didn't have any luck. Aunt Amy even came over and spoke to him, asking him to roll over so we could all see him. In answer, he rolled over even further away. We did get to see his ear though.

The technician suggested we take a walk and see if he wakes up, so we headed just down the street to the beach.

This is the only group picture I got with everyone.

And it was a good opportunity for everyone to get photos.

After walking around we went back to the 4D sonogram place, but Baby Boy still hasn't rolled over. We got to see his ear in 4D but that's it. Bummer! After gathering everyone together for the surprise it was a little disappointing Baby Boy didn't cooperate. I suppose he's camera shy. We are allowed to come for a second visit for free. Let's hope he comes out of hiding then. If he does, I'll post the video later.

It was fun hanging out together at home. Even though the couches hold quite a few people, everyone crowded in close together. I seemed to be a magnet for the nieces to wallow over.

And Theresa had plenty of people loving on the baby and hoping for a kick.

And we had an enjoyable time watching the Broncos beat up on the Giants. Go Broncos!

On their last day here, we headed to Hermosa Beach to enjoy the sunshine and bump the volleyball around.

Abby and I even set a new record! 300 passes back and forth exactly. That one is going to be tough to beat!

The portable hammocks are awesome! They're one of my favorite pieces of beach equipment we have!

And Theresa and Chi are enjoying our newest purchase, a beach umbrella.

It was so awesome having everyone come out to visit and celebrate! Baby Boy will be here in 8 weeks!

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  1. any names narrowed down? How about Flynn Rider? :) Beast? Eric? Zeus?