Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beach Volleyball in Hermosa

Besides Disney, my other favorite pastime is being on the beach and playing beach volleyball.
Ever since T and I moved out here 10 years ago and took a beginners beach class, I've enjoyed it. That class happened to be on Wednesdays and every summer since then we still get together and play.
Big thanks to my friend and co-worker Henry for taking all these shots. I'm always busy playing and never take the time to take pictures.
The group has grown quite a bit too. What used to be just a few people from the class getting together to play 3-3, has exploded into a huge group with an email list of 250 people and 35 people regularly showing up each week. 

The blue shirt hanging on the net. This is how new people know where to find us.

Back for the serve.

Going up for a spike.

Nice angle on the shot Henry. It looks like I'm so high over the net.

My 2s beach partner Mike going up for a spike. We took 1st place last season in the NGRC competitive 2 on 2 beach league. We just got to the finals for the 2013 season, so we'll be trying for another first place finish.

A checking out a few of the other courts. We try to have at least one 2 on 2 court for those who like that, then we have some 3-3 or 4-4 courts for everyone else.

Alysa going for the bump set.

A nice dig.

Back to our court. Mike passing a serve.

Then me going up for a poke shot.

We're done for this season but next year I'm hoping to be right back out there again!

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