Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dapper Weekend at Disneyland - Saturday

Day 2 of our Dapper Weekend. The kids did great overnight in the hotel room. After everyone woke up, we enjoyed some of the fruit and yogurt we'd brought with, then headed into the park to start our day.

First stop. Coffee for the grown-ups. And straws for the kiddos.

They're filming today for a Disney Channel Holiday Special. According to the signs, it's something with Dove Cameron. We didn't see her, but there were plenty of extras standing around in holiday garb.

Our first stop is the carrousel!

And wouldn't you know it, we were the first of our group, so Alli got to ride on Jingles!

She's really loving the carrousel now.

And because it wasn't crowded, we went again!

Ian, what do you want to do now? Mansion!
That was surprising, but lets do it! We picked up a Fastpass for an hour from now, and went ahead and jumped in line.

It's Zero!

Love the gingerbread house every year.

Ian must have been good, because there's his present! Nothing for Alli though... I wonder if that's telling.

I love having the mansion decorated for the holidays.

After the ride, there's a kiosk with toys. Ian wanted a floating doggie.

Alli using those new legs of hers to walk over to Winnie the Pooh.

Afterwards, we used our Fastpasses for yet another ride on the Holiday Haunted Mansion.

Hi Sally.

Next up was the roller coaster.

Wave at Mommy!

Let's ride it again!

Ian said he wanted to sit on this side, because on the other side he bonks his head. He'd remember that too, asking to sit on that side on future rides as well.

For lunch, T and I both got a half chicken from Rancho del Zocolo. They were the tiniest chickens ever, especially compared to the enormous ones from Costco, but it was enough for each of us and the kids.

Ian took my plate, and it was me fighting for scraps.

At that point it was nap time. Really nice to head back to the room for that. Ian doesn't take a nap during the day at home, so it was us hanging out in the room and being quiet while Alli slept.
We brought this balloon from home but learned we couldn't bring it into the parks. The security guard said since it was made of mylar (metal) it could short something out if it ever got loose. We'd have to return it to the room and then head back to the parks.

Rested and rejuvenated, Alli is ready to go on the carousel.

Our first ride, Ian rode with T.

And the second ride, he was all smiles with me.

But by the end, I looked over at him and he's got his eyes closed! I suppose he was tired after all!

I picked him up, and held him for the next 45 minutes, while he slept. Don't want to put him in the stroller, because it's time for the next ride!

While waiting in line for Mickey's Fun Wheel, Alli was walking around the open space of the queue. She befriended a few guys who were in line, and one of them pulled out a Timothy Mouse and started playing with her. After a little while, he asked if she'd like to have it, and of course, she'd love it!

Aww. Giving him a kiss on the nose.

A whole ride on the fun wheel, and Ian stayed asleep.

While Alli munched on an apple with T. Corn yesterday, an apple today. This fun wheel is good for snacking on.

Shortly afterwards, Ian woke up and was ready to go again. He had quite the flock of ducks waiting for him to throw bread.

Over into Disneyland, and it's Jacob! He wasn't going to be able to make Dapper Day on Sunday, but he wanted to come by for a little while to see us while we're at the parks.

Walking up Main Street, Jacob told us that he hadn't even seen the updated Holiday Haunted Mansion yet this year.
While everyone headed to Fantasyland, I headed over into New Orleans Square to grab everyone a Fastpass.
I happened to know that my friend Matt, Amy, and their daughter Katherine were enjoying a birthday celebration meal at Club 33. As I walked by, I looked up and they just randomly happened to be out on the balcony taking pictures! I called up to them, and they were just as surprised to see me as I was to see them. I took a photo of them from below, then headed off to grab Fastpasses.

Fastpasses in hand, I joined up with the rest of the group at the carrousel. It certain didn't take Ian very long to commandeer that Timothy Mouse from Alli.

Next up, was the Tiki Room, always a favorite.

I see ducks! Well let's go throw them some bread Ian. Alli climbing up to get a better look.

Alli making her way up the Haunted Mansion queue.

A view of Sally from the side.

Afterwards, Ian headed straight to the "floating doggies".

And one more for Alli.

Time for dinner. We're meeting up with another group of friends at the Plaza Inn, so Jacob is going to take off. Always good to see you Jacob!

Alli liking the ducks on Jacob's shirt. I love the Ducktales shirt too Alli!

For dinner, we're enjoying a fried chicken dinner and a pot roast dinner. Ian saw someone else's blue drink and wanted some too. You're so spoiled buddy.
I love the decorations in here. It looks so Christmassy.

Alli was really tired so I threw her into the Ergo and she went down to sleep.
Time to say goodbye. Goodbye Duchess! Ian really enjoyed seeing you!

Where to go with Alli is sleeping? Tiki Room? As soon as Alli heard the music, her eyes popped open.
After just a quick 20 minute power nap, she was in much better spirits, and happy to clap for the birdies.

Well with both of the kids getting naps, let's spend a little more time in the parks after dark.

Carrousel again? Why not.

I'm going to catch you Alli!

Ian, there's time for just one more ride. What do you want to do? Tea cups!

Alli, Ian, and I enjoyed spinning and spinning while T watched us. It was really nice being able to walk back to the hotel room and go to bed instead of driving back home.
Tomorrow is Dapper Day!

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