Saturday, November 26, 2016

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Now that it's after Thanksgiving, it's officially acceptable to put up the Christmas decorations!

Ian was really excited to start putting up Christmas lights. I was ready to get started too! It's a lot of work!
Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for us, sending a rare California rain shower our way.

Well if we can't decorate outside, let's decorate inside!

Ian - "You do the big tree Dada."

"And I'll do the little tree. It's my size."

What do you think Alli? Wondering why we're setting up a tree indoors?

Ian putting the last section on.

Time for ornaments! Alli was especially grabby with the Christmas ornaments. Thankfully nothing broken... yet.

Both of them helping put decorations on the tree.

I think the Mickey door hanger looks best right here.

Alli likes playing with all the other decorations we've put out too. Especially the Disney stuff.

Hanging the special ornaments up a little higher out of Alli's reach.


This one should probably go right here.

Alli went down for a nap, and then it was time for more decorating. I love his little "thank you's".

Time to hang our stockings with care.

And for the final decoration. The star on the top of the tree.

It's glorious!

Smiling I'm sure because she sees all the new "toys" that are within reach.

Merry Christmas kids!

Ian especially was really into it. Walking past the tree later in the day, I noticed he added his own ornaments from his own toys.

Let's hope tomorrow fares better with the weather and the outside Christmas decoration can start!

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