Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dapper Weekend at Disneyland - Sunday

Dapper Day is finally here!

Just like the previous Dapper Day, I set up a breakfast with friends, so even though we had early magic hours, we aren't rushing off to get into the parks. Breakfast is at 8:30am, but with kids that wake up at 6:30am, they're going to want to have something earlier. T and I have found that bringing high chairs really helps when we want to eat in the hotel room.

At 8:30am we headed downstairs and found everyone else waiting for us already.

Our previous character breakfast was at Goofy's Kitchen. This time we're dining at Storyteller's Cafe.

There was quite a bit less selection than Goofy's Kitchen, but it was sufficient.

The morning breakfast crew.

Time for the characters to come visit. After stealing Matt's hat, do you think Chip is trying to look like his character from Rescue Rangers?

Amy was so sweet sitting next to Ian. Ian was constantly offering her food, and she was graciously taking it. She said she hasn't eaten Froot Loops in years, but they tasted just as good as she remembered.

Nice to have the omelet station providing make your own omelets.

More characters! The little known Kenai from Brother Bear.

Hi Pluto!

Surprise Alli!

Pea was starting to slow down. Time for a nap soon.

Alli was happy to get up and start running around. She's still a little skittish around characters, but she warmed up to Chip after he started giving out buttons.

Ian and Sophie proudly showing off their buttons for dining at the character breakfast.

After a tasty breakfast and some fun times with friends, it was time to go. Chip walking Alli out.

Help! I'm being chased by a giant chipmunk!

Great seeing everyone for breakfast! Let's do it again!
Sean and Pea are missing from this picture since it was naptime. That's where we're headed too. Back up to the hotel room.

After Alli's nap, it was nearly 1pm and finally time to head into the parks.

The kids were excited and ready to run to the parks!

Looking great for Dapper Day!

Love this picture. It might be our Christmas card this year.

Buena Vista street offers a few classic photo spots.

We should get at least one ride in before we have to meet up with friends. Monsters Inc is thankfully a short line.

Good thing it's shaded too. Even though it's in the high 70s, all these layers in the sunshine are making it really hot.

Time to meet up with friends again!

Kelly organized a Micechat meetup in the lobby of the Grand Californian.

After hanging out for an hour, it was time to head into the parks.

A group of us took off for Disneyland.

Our first stop was the Tiki Room, but we just missed the show. To kill time, Sophie and Ian really enjoyed feeding the ducks.

And even Alli got into it.

The sign at the front of the Tiki Room said the next showing was at 3:35pm, so we went back a couple minutes before. Turns out we missed it by a couple minutes again! Grr.
Let's take a break for snacks.

While Kelly and Sean ate a very late lunch with Pea, Sophie joined us and we headed to the Tiki Room. Ian and Sophie were so cute holding hands walking together up to the Tiki Room. Both were really excited to go see the birdies.

And they were just as excited when we got inside.

After the thunder, Sophie wasn't so thrilled. T asked if she wanted to come sit with her and got a very quick nod yes.

After the Tiki Room, we all headed to the Mark Twain for more photos. We happened upon Tiana.

These kids are too cute. We're going to have to start dressing them up more often.

And Ian had a ton of fun running around the ship and playing with Sophie.

It's been a full day, but there's one last thing we have to do.

No surprise it's the carrousel right?

The kids are certainly having a blast together.

Alli loves it!

Thanks for a fun day guys!

In the past, Theresa and I would check out on Sunday since we'd have to go to work on Monday. It's always been a pain though, checking out of our room in the middle of the day, storing our bags, and then driving back home late that night. This time though, we are extending our stay until Monday! After a quick power nap for Alli, the four of us all enjoyed a delicious take-out dinner from the Napa Rose.

T and I got the kids ready for bed, and put them to sleep, but the day isn't over yet! There's a few Micechatters getting together tonight to go on rides and hang out! I left Theresa watching the kids and headed out!

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