Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

It's been a fantastic Holiday season this year. We've done so many fun things. It's Christmas Eve and Christmas is almost here!

With all of T's family in town, the kids have no shortage of people to hang out with or things to do. Time to make cookies for Santa! Their cousin Aubrey always makes them down on the ground with them, so the kids can help out every step of the way.

They turned out great! Santa is sure to love them.

The kids have been loving the advent calendar every day.

They're sure to miss getting candy and toys every night after tomorrow.

Being Christmas Eve, you always get to open one present (of mommy's choosing) early.
Ian - It's the Lightning McQueen jammies I wanted!

And Alli got some fun Tsum Tsum jammies.

For the last month we've read a bunch of different Christmas books. On Christmas Eve, we always read the Christmas Story (this year from a children's Bible).

And also The Polar Express. Once we got to the part about "the first gift of Christmas" I had a special surprise for both kids. A sleigh bell!

Before bed we've got to make sure we leave treats by the fireplace. They both picked their favorite cookie that they made earlier.

Ian boldly pouring the milk for Santa all by himself. Alli decided to help.

When the kids visited Santa, he asked them to make sure they left carrots for the reindeer.

Both of them were very excited for Christmas to be coming tomorrow!

Ian did have some concerns that the fire was still burning. I told him that the Prep and Landing elves would take care of it, but he still wanted to have it turned off before he went to bed.

For the last month before bed, we've changed from our usual repertoire of bedtime songs and have started singing Christmas songs.
Along with Christmas Vacation, and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (which they can both sing pretty well), I think The Twelve Days of Christmas is a fun one. They've both learned it pretty well too! Alli especially, only being 2 years old!

Once the kids went down, everyone else settled in. This Disney puzzle is proving to be more difficult than expected.

Tomorrow is Christmas!

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