Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow! This neighborhood in Torrance California goes all out when it comes to Christmas decorations. Each year we make it a point to visit at least once.
After a delicious dinner at the all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ restaurant Big Wok, we were all ready to get some walking in. And we've got a good size group going too.

Our goal was to get there right as they officially started around 6pm. Dinner went a little long so we didn't get there until 6:15pm, but traffic hadn't gotten crazy yet. We found a place to park (facing towards the exit so it would be easier to leave), and started our walk.

We followed along with the map I made a few years ago. Streets in green are the ones we typically go down.

I enjoy seeing the gigantic Jack Skellington and Zero.

Frozen makes an appearance.
Look Alli! It's Marshmallow!
Alli - He's not nice.
Me - Why isn't he nice?
Alli - He throws people.

I really like the houses that of course go all out on the lights.

Look close and you might find some mistletoe.

A Christmas Story tribute.

The sidewalks here aren't very big and in some places are nonexistent. I got out the single stroller to help us better navigate the area. The doublewide stroller would have been really bad. Even the single stroller was tough. I decorated the stroller with lights, added a couple cute elves, and we were set.

The Penguin's are celebrating by having a wresting match. And it's a ladder match too!

I like the ferris wheel filled with familiar characters.

In many of the driveways you'll see people hanging out by fire pits, or selling snacks. Here we found Santa! Coming so early, we only had to wait for one family to see him before it was our turn. When we walked by later, he had 20 families in line to see him!

The kids certainly are consistent in what they ask for. Always candy and money.

Getting a family picture with Santa. Off to the side, they have a donation basket for the American Cancer Society, and we happily left a donation.

For the past month T and I have been reading Christmas stories with the kids before bed. Of course How the Grinch Stole Christmas has been in that mix. I wasn't sure how the kids would do seeing the Grinch in person. Ian said that he's nice now since he gave back the presents, so he's not scared at all. And for the rest of the time at Sleepy Hollow he'd tell us that he wasn't scared and wanted to go back to see him. I think the Grinch was wandering around though because when we returned later, he was gone.

You'll find snacks being sold everywhere while you're walking around (and even one that was yelling at the cars that they can do drive-thru too). This booth was a great find! Everything was $1! I got a big Rice Krispy Treat, Jacob got a bag of popcorn, and I think Ryan got a bag of cookies.

And what do Ian and Alli want?

Yum! Cake Pops along with Uncle Jon!

Fun to see some new characters celebrating Christmas too.

By the time we were done, around 7:45pm, we'd walked all the green sections in the map above. Both foot traffic and car traffic really picked up in the time we've been here. It's getting to be bedtime for the kiddos, so we said our goodbyes to everyone and headed home.
I really enjoy Sleepy Hollow and seeing all the lights and decorations. They help inspire me each year to figure out something new to do with my house.

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