Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Sleepy Hollow on Christmas Day with family

After a great Christmas day, we ended our night walking around and looking at Christmas lights in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood.
Amy suggested we all wear Christmas hats and I thought that was an excellent idea.
Looking good girls.

We decided to skip the stroller this time. With 14 people, surely someone can hold each kid's hand. We did bring a wheelchair for some of the steeper hills.

This house impresses me. All the warm white lights, with lots of yard decorations and pleasing colors.

Trying to get some pointers one what to do next year. I like the poinsettia.

The attention to detail is pretty amazing too. Here's a tree wrapped with red ribbon, and then a strand of lights wrapped precisely over the top of the ribbon.

Straight lines of ribbon on the eaves and straight lights on top. Impressive.

I think the garland on our house looks pretty good. T is inspecting their garland. Specifically the ornaments and flowers, seeing if they were added afterwards or if the garland came that way. We'll see if it's something we tackle next year or not.

Further down the road we stopped underneath the mistletoe.

Winner for the neighborhood for Outstanding Decorations.

I didn't even notice the lamp in the window on the last visit.

Star Wars making an appearance. I wonder how long it's going to be before we start seeing Kylo Ren inflatables.

And in another yard we have a battle between Yoda and Darth Vader, while an AT-AT watches nearby.

Alli didn't miss the stroller at all, preferring to ride on shoulders.

A little bit of Disney, with not quite 101 dalmatians.

Some Disney carolers behind three working miniature train.

We were hoping more booths would be out selling snacks, but seeing as how it's Christmas today, it was understandable that there weren't too many.

Sitting in front of one house was a lighted keyboard. I wonder what this could be...
Pretty awesome idea!

Another nice house. I think my yard could use more Christmas trees.

So what do you get when you have 14 people who are all somewhat musically inclined walking around looking at Christmas lights?

A wandering band of carolers!
Someone would pick and song, Rita would start us out, and the rest of us would all start singing along. All those nights singing Christmas songs with the kids really paid off, because they were both singing along too. And as you can imagine, we drew the attention of lots of people. For some songs, other groups started singing along with us. There were quite a few people who recorded us on video. We made a lot of people smile. And it's now one of my favorite memories of the Sleepy Hollow lights.

Alli seeing that hippopotamus she wants for Christmas.

It was a really fun way to end Christmas.

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