Saturday, December 9, 2017

Meeting Santa at Disneyland

You've got to meet Santa during the holidays! Did you know that Disneyland has 5 different places to meet Santa? Each park, plus each hotel. Let's go get pictures!

The kids are both in their Prep and Landing hats, even though they've already worn them this season. There's just no better hat to meet Santa in. I am sporting my Santa Goofy hat.

And we're meeting up with friends today! Lucas, Liam, and their parents. And I happen to have enough Prep & Landing hats for all 4 kids. They're going to be so cute today.

It was adorable seeing the small troop of elves going around the park.

Because we arrived a little late today, fast passes were all a bit late. We still got one ride through Toy Story.

On our walk back to Cars Land, we ran into Cast Member Genevieve. She said that yesterday she'd been working near Pirates of the Caribbean, and while she was cleaning up, she found some pirate gold! Did the kids want some?

Of course they did! And when we got home later, you can be sure they asked where their pirate gold was.

It's never too early for ice cream is it? The two of them shared an ice cream cone. Alli sticking out her tongue in anticipation.

Share Ian!

Word is, Santa is back here.

Luckily the park ranger was giving out maps.

I think he's back this way.

Signing their names into Santa's nice list. That's a pretty fun touch from Disney.

We should have done this first thing in the morning. Ugh, a short 40 minutes later, we were at the front of the line, ready to meet Santa. Excited to meet another elf.

Getting one with all four Prep & Landing elves.

One with our family.

What would you like for Christmas? Candy and Money!

And what would you like for Christmas? Also Candy and Money. They're easy.

Say Cheese....cake.
We really liked this Santa. Very jolly and great with the kids.

After exiting, you immediately funnel past a Festival of Holidays booth that provides Treats for Santa. It's a cookie decorating kit for $7.50. Seeing as how they say Festival of Holidays, and the cast member was literally holding a bag that said Festival Coupons, I thought this would be a great use of the Sip and Savor coupons, making these only $5.63 each.
Once we got to the front of the line though, I was informed that they didn't accept the Sip and Savor coupons here. Weird.

We got three boxes of cookies to decorate anyway.

Cool Mickey snowman cookies. They came with red, green, and white frosting, a popsicle stick to spread it, and two kinds of sprinkles.

The kids got a kick out of the decorating.

Adding buttons to the snowman's christmas vest.

The perfect amount of sprinkles.

Ian said he wanted to save his cookie to give to Santa. That's sweet buddy.
Hey! Why are you taking a bite out of it?
Ian - I wanted to make sure it was tasty.

And Alli just wanted to lick her frosting.

The rest of the Festival booths accept coupons still. For lunch, from the Spicy Celebrations booth, I had a Nashville Hot Fried Turkey with Dill Pickles for $7.00. It was pretty spicy, but like most festival foods, pretty small. That slice of bread isn't your typical sandwich bread slice. And it was pretty greasy. Every bite left a smear of hot sauce and grease on my fingers and lips.

Theresa had a Beef Corn Tamale a la Plancha with Spicy Rojo Sauce for $7.25 from the same booth. Not much masa to this tamale. I liked the sauce, but this was gone in 5 bites. Again pretty small for the price.

After lunch it was getting pretty crowded. Ian and I took off for Guardians of the Galaxy with our fastpass. T and Alli jumped into a 30 minute Monsters Inc line. Both of us finished at the same time.
Once Ian and I got to the top of the tower, he had his hands in the air and a smile on his face! Nice picture!

Leaving park and walking to the Mickey and Friends parking structure, we saw a big Coco-Cola booth near the ESPN Zone entrance. They were still setting up, but after waiting around for maybe 5 minutes, they opened up.

They had a wheel spinner for prizes. There's only one Winner spot on the board with 12 zones. A few people in front of us spun with no luck. Ian though seems to have luck with him. He was the first winner of the day!

What does he want from the prize table?


Fun times at Disneyland today. Next time we've got to arrive earlier though to beat the crowds.

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