Monday, April 23, 2018

Hawaii 2018 - Day 1 and 2

It's spring break! This year, like last year, we're headed to Hawaii with Theresa's family. I know I'm way late getting some past Trip Reports finished, but this is still fresh in my memory and hopefully easier to write.

My kids love traveling with their cousins. They get so much attention!

Flying out early in the morning means we should have breakfast plans. Lucky for us we have a fantastic bakery nearby called 85C. Yesterday we stopped by the bakery and picked up a bunch of tasty treats.

Mmm. Love those chocolate filled chocolate buns.

Just a short 7 hour flight to Maui. Alli sitting between the girls. Ian hanging out with Don and Austin.

And the girls sitting together making plans for once we arrived. Shopping lists for Costco and another grocery store.

You've got to love open airports. You can smell the tropics when you get to the terminal.

While the girls went shopping, our car headed to our hotel. The beautiful Wailea Beach Resort Marriott. Ian and Alli both enjoyed getting necklaces as we arrived.

And upon checking in, we got Passion-fruit, Orange, Guava (POG) juice.

Alli liked it.

And they even had special gifts for the kids! A plush shark for Ian, which he quickly named "Sharky". And a sting-ray for Alli, who she started calling "Baby Beluga". Cute. They both slept with their animals every night for the entire trip.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, we wandered the grounds, checking out the beaches, pools, and other amenities.

Food is here!

Everyone enjoying a late lunch of kimchi and rice on our porch.

The rest of the night we wandered around the resort. The kids found a coconut with Aubrey and had fun splitting it open.

Oh Alli, you're looking too cool.

The next morning, the kids were up bright and early. Earlier than anyone else who wanted to go to the pool. Lucky for us, the kids pool is open 24 hours a day.

The kids had a great time running around the pool, jumping off the kiddie slides that haven't had the water turned on yet, and splashing each other.

At 9am, the whole area came to life. Water jets started spraying, animals started squirting water, and waterfalls all turned on.

The kids loved it. It was pretty overcast and we got drizzled on a few times, but we spent the entire day hanging around the pool.

One of the cool features of the hotel. In the lobby was a stand with a bunch of ukuleles for guests to borrow. Both Theresa and Abby serenaded us with their talent.

Dinner was a tasty teriyaki chicken from a nearby shop.

Plus more baked treats from a bakery nearby.

And this is surely to be the first of many Hawaiian shaved ices.

Bring on the vacation!

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