Sunday, April 15, 2018

Practicing for the 2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival

The Pasadena Chalk Festival is only a couple months away and Ruston and I always like to get in at least one practice day. Each year we rotate who gets to pick, and this year it's Ruston's choice. We're doing the original Love Bug himself, Herbie!

Actually we got the whole crew together today. After a delicious Mongolian BBQ lunch and frozen yogurt for dessert, Jacob and Theresa went to work planning our upcoming vacation together.

And in preparation for our trip to Asia, Jacob brought asian snacks! Pocky sticks and strawberry panda cookies! Yum!

Getting started, we taped off the area and put down a white base coat.

And Ian is going to do one too!

After the base coat, we traced out the design.

Now we just need to fill it all in. Easy.

Ian did a great job as our photographer.

Ian wanted to draw a car, just like us. It was taking us too long to trace everything out, so Ian went ahead and started drawing his own cars. He ended up drawing an entire car lot.

Those numbers beside each car are the prices. 100 for the rainbow car. 200 for the green and purple one, because it's a lot bigger. Really creative buddy. Love it!

 He's doing such a good job, I asked him to come help us fill in ours.

He loves being a helper.

Like father, like son.

Putting on those finishing touches.

Time to pull up the tape! Very nice job Ian.

And ours is cleaned up too!

Pull up the tape.

And tada! Looks great! We learned some things that we'll have to keep in mind for the chalk festival, but in general, we're getting pretty good at this!

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